Learn how to carry out robust incident investigations, apply effective root cause analysis techniques and deliver value-adding reports on this Incident Investigation & Root Cause Analysis training course.

This 2-day course is scenario-driven, allowing participants to practise and apply the skills learned to a case study throughout the programme. Developed by former investigative professionals, the topics covered will ensure that delegates are able to carry out a thorough and unbiased investigation into any type of incident. The evidence gathered can then be used to deliver accurate and consistent root cause analysis which can be followed up with effective preventive actions.

The course will prepare delegates to carry out investigations and RCA on operational incidents or issues in their workplace, at a proportionate level, and deliver results that the organisation can use to trend outputs, identify leading indicators, and drive real improvement.

This course is suitable for those interested in identifying and solving problems in any industry sector, including:

  • HSE professionals
  • managers responsible for process and quality improvements
  • quality managers
  • internal and external auditors
  • line managers and supervisors involved in managing customer and/or supplier relationships
  • problem-solving team members and leaders
  • product or process designers
  • industrial, production and process engineers

Topics covered on this course include:

  • investigation setup
  • investigator mindset
  • behaviour/workplace psychology
  • investigator bias
  • event mapping
  • incident scene/equipment examination
  • human factors considerations
  • control measure evaluation
  • identifying witnesses
  • carrying out witness interviews
  • causation identification
  • human error analysis
  • root cause categories
  • root cause analysis process
  • identifying preventive actions
  • report writing
  • proactive vs reactive analysis
  • root cause trending and data

On completion of this Investigation & Root Cause Analysis training course delegates will be able to:

  • carry out robust and unbiased investigations into operational incidents or issues
  • use proven tools and techniques to identify and document the root causes of problems that exist across the organisation
  • develop and propose effective solutions that address the causes of issues to prevent problems recurring
  • communicate their findings and recommendations to their colleagues and senior management
  • supply accurate and consistent data to allow trending of issues and identification of leading indicators

Delegates will receive a Certificate of Completion in recognition of their new Incident Investigation & Root Cause Analysis knowledge and skills and commitment to professional development.