Root cause analysis training enables delegates to use a range of tools and methods to identify the root cause of a problem within a process, and then evaluate solutions with a view to preventing recurrence.

As a leading business improvement training provider, Bywater provides practical root cause analysis training to meet a variety of needs. We offer training applicable to all industry sectors as well as courses designed specifically for healthcare professionals and investigating workplace incidents.

Delegates completing this training have highlighted the practical nature of the training and the breadth of the content, delivered by knowledgeable and helpful tutors.

Choose your Root Cause Analysis course

Root Cause Analysis Training for All Industry Sectors | 2 days

This course explains tools and techniques for problem-solving teams in any sector to analyse and address chronic problems within production and administrative processes, helping to improve quality and customer satisfaction.

The course is suitable for anyone interested in problem-solving, although those working in the healthcare sector or investigating workplace incidents may also prefer to look at our specialised training below.

Next Course: 03 - 04 June 2024 in Edinburgh, Scotland
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Incident Investigation & Root Cause Analysis Training | 2 days

This course teaches how to conduct thorough incident investigations, analyse root causes, and write valuable reports using real-world scenarios and industry-proven techniques.

It combines accident and incident investigation techniques with root cause analysis to address the underlying causes of incidents and prevent recurrence.

Next Course: 05 - 06 June 2024 in Edinburgh, Scotland
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Root Cause Analysis Training for NHS and Healthcare Professionals | 2 days

This practical course equips problem-solving teams in the NHS and private healthcare sectors with the skills to identify and solve recurring system problems, thus improving patient outcomes and service delivery.

Building on NHS and other healthcare materials, this training course explores how healthcare providers can propose and evaluate solutions to the root causes of problems within patient care and organisational systems.

Next Course: 03 - 04 June 2024 in Central London
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