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Annex SL CPD

11 Dec, 2017 | Auditing

If, like me, you’re interested in the topic of management systems you will have: listened in to many conversations; followed many social media threads, and; read many articles in print about the future of management systems standards and, apparently, that future is …

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How will ISO 45001 differ from OHSAS 18001?

14 Sep, 2017 | OHSAS 18001

Over the last few years, Bywater has been monitoring changes to Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems Standards to ensure we are ready to help customers with training and consultancy services as you look to update your systems to meet new requirements. This article looks to provide information for current users of OHSAS 18001 on what they might expect to see when the ISO 45001 standard sees light of day – expected in early 2018.

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Transition Deadline for ISO 9001:2015

14 Sep, 2017 | ISO 9001

Back in March I published a LinkedIn post about the Transition programme for ISO 9001 (and ISO 14001) reaching the half way point.  It is now 2 years in to the 3 year transition period with the deadline looming large. I thought today would be a good day to talk about the countdown with just one year to go.

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Moving Forward with Cyber Security and Privacy

12 Jul, 2017 | ISO 27001

Information technology drives business efficiency and productivity, and the digital economy is thriving as growing numbers of organisations are benefiting from the opportunities the Internet brings. However, cyber crime is increasingly easy to perpetrate, and the threats the modern organisation faces are intensifying.

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