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Time for Lean

18 Jan, 2019 | Business Improvement

A recent article in the Economist painted a gloomy picture suggesting another global recession may be on the horizon.  Worryingly, with interest rates low and previous policy ideas less palatable, they ask if the world economies are ready to weather such a storm.  We should also be asking ourselves if our organisations are ready to deal with such uncertainty.

Research completed by the Centre for Economic Performance (CEP) after the 2008 recession showed that the quality of management practices are a key indicator in predicting an organisation’s ability to survive (or succeed in) the unpredictable challenges of a recession.  Maybe this is why a consistent topic of conversation at the moment on our Management Systems training courses (regardless of whether the subject is Quality, Environmental or Health & Safety focussed) is Lean.  After all, the Japanese know a thing or two about surviving natural disasters and long term stagnant economic growth.

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Benefitting from the Transition to ISO 14001:2015

2 Nov, 2018 | ISO 14001

The deadline for transitioning to the 2015 version of ISO 14001 has now passed, with certificates for ISO 14001:2004 expiring in September 2018. There is no single source of accurate data on the number of organisations that made the transition before the deadline, but there are indications that around 90% did so.

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Is Your Customer Data at Risk from Suppliers and Partners

2 May, 2018 | ISO 27001

The Facebook and Cambridge Analytica debacle has shown how suppliers and partners can so easily put customer data at risk and has highlighted the need for organisations to urgently review their partner and supplier data practices.

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Bywater thanks CQI and IRCA for buy-in

6 Feb, 2018 | ISO 45001, OHSAS 18001

Having an ambitious idea is simple; turning that idea into reality presents challenges.

We listened to our customers and wanted to give them access to OH&S Lead Auditor training based on ISO 45001 in early 2018, with many of our clients outlining CQI and IRCA certification as an essential feature of that training.  Our challenge was not just to manage internal resource, strategy and deadlines, but also to rely on the CQI and IRCA course certification process to deliver our vision against a demanding turnaround time.

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