Lean Six Sigma Consultancy services are designed to reduce product, service and process variation within your organisation and achieve verifiable business cost savings across all sectors. Utilising the DMAIC project-based process improvement approach, Lean Six Sigma delivers value for customers whilst reducing waste.

Bywater’s Master Black Belt Lean Six Sigma Consultants are experienced in designing, developing, implementing and supporting the ongoing deployment of successful Lean, Lean Six Sigma and Six Sigma improvement and transformation programmes across public, private and not for profit organisations.

Implementing Lean Six Sigma has various benefits including:

  • facilitating the deployment of a wall-to-wall improvement programme providing the basis for, and supporting, organisational transformation
  • improving quality, efficiency and productivity in targeted areas within the workplace through Lean Six Sigma improvement projects
  • managing change, reducing defects and increasing customer satisfaction
  • ensuring organisations understand and analyse the problems and opportunities within the organisation
  • continually improving and maintaining operational performance and processes
  • creating a customer focused approach to the business, helping to retain and grow your business

We have over 35 years’ experience providing tailored consultancy and training services to clients at their premises, at venues across the UK and remotely. 

Our Lean Six Sigma consultancy services are client orientated and tailored to meet your business requirements. We will work with you to identify clear objectives, project milestones and deliverables. Our Lean Six Sigma consultants can work with you collaboratively, providing advice and guidance, evaluating options, making informed recommendations and delivering training to assist you in achieving verifiable business cost savings.

In addition to our Lean and Six Sigma training courses we offer management system and business improvement training courses focusing on continual improvement. All of our training courses are available at UK venues, online and in-company on a dedicated basis. Dedicated training courses can be tailored to your requirements, for example to incorporate company documentation and procedures.

Value Stream Mapping Training – Value Stream Mapping (VSM) allows delegates to identify the value and non-value added activities that are required to bring aa product or service to market.

Root Cause Analysis Training – Delegates will understand how to apply tools and techniques to investigate the root causes of problems or failures and evaluate solutions to prevent chronic and recurring problems.

Procurement and Contract Management training – Our Procurement and Contract Management training courses are designed for organisations who wish to achieve savings, improve efficiency and achieve organisational objectives.

ISO 9001 Quality Management Training – Implementing an ISO 9001 Quality Management System (QMS) ensures your organisation is focused on continually improving the quality of services and goods to consistently meet and exceed customer expectations. Our courses include those certified by CQI and IRCA. 

How we can help

Alignment & Transformation

Alignment with Corporate Objectives & Transformation 

To be effective and provide a return on investment, the implementation of Lean Six Sigma needs to be planned and managed in alignment with your corporate objectives and imperatives. 

Through tailored support, our Lean Six Sigma consultant will help you develop, build and deploy a suitable and sustainable transformation programme which meets your corporate objectives. 

Six Sigma Stocktake and gap analysis

Lean Six Sigma Stocktake & Gap Analysis 

A stocktake will review current operations, initiatives, skills, processes, performance and strategy. A gap analysis identifies how the organisation aligns with corporate objectives and its desired goals.

A review of your objectives, infrastructure, records, monitoring and personnel competencies will be undertaken. A detailed report will be provided with recommended actions which can be used to create a deployment plan.

Lean Six Sigma Deployment

Lean Six Sigma Deployment Plan

Through a systematic and project managed approach, the Deployment Plan will action requirements identified within the gap analysis. 

Our Lean Six Sigma consultant will work with you to create and implement a deployment plan which meets your specific organisational needs. Depending on your needs, this plan may include a role out of a management system, ongoing support for senior executives and Green or Black Belt training

candidate identification=

Project & Candidate Identification 

Identifying the appropriate portfolio of improvement projects suitable for initial application in your organisation is important to ensure successful deployment. Suitable candidates should be identified early.

Our consultants can advise on criteria for candidate selection and assist in the selection of candidates, as well as similar support in relation to defining your potential portfolio of projects.

Gate Review

Supporting Projects & Gate Reviews

Lean Six Sigma DMAIC project management approach is gated with gate reviews between project phases. At each review a decision is made as to whether the project team are ready to proceed successfully to the next phase.

From providing guidance to newly designated deployment managers and project sponsors in relation to the review process to continual support throughout the phases, our consultants can provide as much support as required.

Lean Six Sigma Training

Creating a Management System 

A management system can assure that your Lean Six Sigma programme is maintained and effective. Creating a management system involves standardisation, documentation, deployment and internal auditing.

Our consultants can develop and deploy the management system on your behalf, including systems conforming to ISO 18404, or simply provide guidance and support to your organisation. 


Master Black Belt Coaching

Master Black Belts coach and support Black Belts and Green Belts in the application of DMAIC and the use of Six Sigma tools and techniques. 

Our Master Black Belts will utilise their expertise to provide assistance with your project. One to one coaching and group coaching is available onsite and virtually on an hourly or daily basis to provide support to your team. We can also support Senior executives and deployment manager. 

Lean Six Sigma Training

Lean Six Sigma Training

Lean Six Sigma training equips delegates with the knowledge and skills to participate in and undertake successful Lean Six Sigma projects.

We offer scheduled and in-company Lean and Six Sigma courses for delegates at all levels including our RSS certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and Six Sigma Black Belt training courses. Dedicated training courses can be tailored to your requirements, for example to focus on advanced statistics.

ISO 18404 RSS Certification

ISO 18404 RSS Certification

The Royal Statistical Society (RSS) is the scheme owner for ISO 18404:2015. Green, Black and Master Black Belts are certified under ISO 18404 by the RSS.  Accredited certification bodies certify organisations under the RSS’s scheme.

Bywater’s consultants have been involved in the development of ISO 18404 and the establishment of RSS’s certification scheme. They can provide guidance to organisations and individuals seeking certification.

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