A Lean Practitioner training course available online in Virtual Classroom and in-person.

Lean has been used successfully in manufacturing for decades to decrease waste and maximise customer value. More recently Lean has become popular in the service industries and public sector as a way to eliminate inefficiencies, deliver on customer expectations and to become more competitive through cost savings and adaptability to change.

This highly interactive 3-day Lean Practitioner training course will enable anyone seeking improvements to analyse their own processes and identify waste, using a comprehensive set of Lean tools and techniques. A tool that will be covered in depth is Value Stream Mapping, enabling organisations to map the steps taken for materials and information to reach a finished product or service. After mapping a process delegates will learn to apply ‘Lean thinking’ and identify non-customer value adding tasks, adapt the process ‘flow’ and create a more efficient system.  Other tools covered range from 5S, which is used to improve the efficiency and organisation of workspaces, to Kanban, enabling customer driven process flow.

Delegates will apply this Lean knowledge and practice their skills through interactive workshops guided by a Lean Six Sigma expert. On completion of this Lean course, newly trained Lean practitioners will be able to confidently apply Lean tools and techniques to make immediate and continuous improvements in their workplaces.

The course dates below are all immediately followed by our Lean Leader training course and a £195 discount is available when booking both together.

  • Plan Do Check Act (PDCA) cycle
  • 7 + 1 wastes
  • Kaizen (continuous improvement)
  • 5S workplace organisation methodology
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Kanban (for visualising process demands)
  • Takt time (to maintain a customer driven pace in every process)
  • Moving to a customer ‘pull’ system
  • Poka Yoke (mistake proofing)
  • Theory of constraints

Suitable for any industry sector, this course is highly beneficial to all process owners, team members and managers seeking to improve customer satisfaction, increase efficiency and increase productivity within the workplace.

Whether you work in recruitment looking to reduce customer waiting times, in logistics seeking to reduce capital tied up in inventory or in an office based role looking to improve cross process communication and create a culture of continuous improvement, this Lean Practitioner training course will provide the knowledge and skills to be able to apply Lean techniques and make immediate improvements within your organisation.

After successful completion of this interactive Lean Practitioner course, delegates will be able to:

  • Undertake Lean improvement tasks
  • Contribute to larger Lean improvement projects
  • Map out business processes out and successfully apply Lean techniques to eliminate non-value adding tasks
  • Design a customer pull system
  • Determine causes of efficiency problems and use Lean tools to reduce these, improving process speeds
  • Understand how to standardise processes across supply chains or organisations
  • Mistake proof systems using Lean tools, reducing defects and errors
  • Make continuous incremental improvements

The Lean Practitioner Training Course can be held at your offices, a venue of your choice or online on a date which is convenient for your team. The course includes an extensive range of modules and interactive discussions covering topics such as ‘Process Mapping’, ‘Kanban’, ‘Line Balancing’ and ‘Visual Management’. Dedicated training is often more cost effective and convenient for organisations wishing to train a number of employees.

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