Discover how Lean improvement can help your organisation increase customer value, be more efficient and become more competitive, on this Lean Basics training course.

This 1-day introductory course explores the meaning of Lean and its benefits and barriers, as well as the steps and tools that support practical implementation of the Lean approach. The course includes interactive workshops to enable delegates to put their new knowledge into practice.

Upon completion of the course, delegates will have an understanding of the core principles and value of a Lean organisation. They will also have the skills to decide upon, manage and support Lean transformation.

This course is recommended as an introduction for companies and individuals who are new to Lean and are considering utilising the approach. It will particularly benefit:

  • those in organisations considering applying the Lean enterprise approach
  • those responsible for supporting and/or monitoring the success of Lean improvement or business improvement projects of all types
  • those who wish to pursue the approach, but who have no knowledge of the theory or practice
  • those new to Lean who wish to gain an understanding of the Lean concepts prior to attending further training

For a more in-depth understanding of Lean, we recommend viewing our Lean Practitioner training course.

Topics covered on this course include:

  • why Lean?
    • origins of Lean
    • the Lean enterprise approach and its value
    • understanding advantages and constraints
  • the Lean approach and toolkit
    • 5 Lean principles
    • The 7 +1 wastes
    • value stream mapping
    • the 5S
  • managing Lean implementation
    • culture and mindset
    • relationship to quality management and Six Sigma
    • Lean projects – roles and responsibilities

By the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • understand the nature and practical implementation of the Lean enterprise approach and toolkit
  • appreciate corporate Lean enterprise application, roles and responsibilities
  • evaluate the case for Lean application in a specific organisation, with its potential benefits and barriers
  • understand the Lean implementation steps and tools

Delegates will receive a Certificate of Completion following the training in recognition of their understanding of Lean principles and commitment to continuing professional development.

Lean Basics Certificate