Value Stream Mapping Training Course (VSM)

Value Stream Mapping (VSM) is a technique used to visualise the flow of information and materials (often cross functional) that are required to bring a product or service to market. It identifies all of the value and nonvalue adding activities, nonvalue being something the customer does not require or is not willing to pay for.

The process involves mapping out the steps taken from idea conception through to after sales support, highlighting areas of ‘waste’ that can be removed and creating value stream ‘flow’. Most importantly, this technique enables the development of a ‘future state map’ representing business processes after waste has been removed and the flow of materials and information has improved. Successful use of VSM can enable organisations to increase competitiveness and customer satisfaction through reduced costs and waiting times.

This 1 day Value Stream Mapping training course is designed for all managers, improvement professionals, process owners and anyone seeking to understand, document and improve their business processes with value to the customer in mind.

Offered in house, this training course can be readily tailored to address the needs of individual organisations. Training staff from multiple departments can work as a tool to calibrate employees and inform them of entire business processes.

  • What is a Value Stream and Value Stream Mapping
  • Determining customer value
  • Value and Non-Value Adding Activities
  • Seven Wastes
  • Process, Material and Information Flow
  • Creating the Current State Map
  • Basic Value Stream Mapping Icons
  • Push vs Pull Systems
  • Value Stream Data
  • Takt Time
  • Process Efficiency
  • Creating a Future State Map
  • Prioritising Improvements and Future State Implementation
  • Anyone looking to further understand and visualise their business processes, or develop cross departmental understandings of company processes
  • Those looking to implement cost saving changes
  • Managers, not limited to but including those involved in quality, change, and process improvement
  • Lean professionals
  • Process owners
  • Improvement specialists

Delegates who attend this Value Stream Mapping course will be able to map out and visualise processes from design to post-sales support, identifying and removing non customer value adding functions, resulting in:

  • Reduced waste and costs
  • Increased productivity and competitiveness of an organisation
  • Increased customer satisfaction through reduced waiting times and costs
  • Simpler processes
  • Flow within a process

Course Delivery

This course is available on an In-house Training basis. For a free quotation please contact us or call the Training Team on 0333 123 9001.