Discover how the Japanese concept of Kaizen can deliver radically improved employee motivation, customer focus and productivity with our Kaizen and 5S training course.

This 1-day course explains how Kaizen blends philosophy, culture and approach to encourage every employee to ensure continuous improvement of all organisational processes and systems.

The morning session provides an overview of Kaizen and the development of an organisation’s Kaizen strategy, whilst the afternoon looks further at applying Kaizen principles and tools, with a strong focus on 5S, a commonly used Six Sigma approach.

Delegates will leave the course with an understanding of Kaizen and how they can conduct themselves within a team to improve productivity and competitiveness.

This course is suitable for anyone involved or interested in improving the efficiency of a workplace, whether that is in the capacity as an operator, team member, manager, improvement specialist or director.  It is equally suitable for manufacturing and production environments, laboratories and offices alike.

Delegates can choose to attend the morning and afternoon sessions as separate courses. Please contact us for further information.

The course covers topics around Kaizen itself and the tools available.

Kaizen overview and strategy:

  • origins and principles of Kaizen
  • Kaizen objectives
  • relationship to other improvement approaches
  • plan-do-check-act (PDCA)
  • running an organisational Kaizen initiative
  • roles and responsibilities
  • Kaizen leadership
  • the 5 key elements, purpose and interrelationship
  • teamwork considerations
  • building personal discipline
  • improving morale
  • identifying Kaizen projects
  • quality circles
  • suggestions for improvement

Kaizen tools:

  • process analysis
  • waste elimination/Muda
  • the 5 or 6 Lean principles
  • the 7 or 8 wastes
  • root cause analysis
  • 5S introduction and background
  • how 5S assists Kaizen
  • visual management and standard practice
  • red tagging
  • 5S system implementation and teamwork
  • 5S maintenance
  • the sixth ‘S’ (safety)
  • Poka Yoke mistake proofing

By the end of this Kaizen and 5S training course, delegates will be able to:

  • appreciate the nature and tools of the Kaizen approach
  • understand when, where and how to implement Kaizen
  • understand the types of waste that occur when carrying out tasks
  • employ new knowledge and skills to implement and use a Kaizen approach and appropriate tools
  • focus appropriately on teamwork, personal discipline and morale
  • understand how their personal contribution can improve others’ productivity and the competitiveness of their organisation

All delegates will receive a Certificate of Completion following the course.

Kaizen 5S Certificate