An ISO audit is a systematic, independent and documented process which provides an objective assessment to evaluate the extent to which ISO requirements, and other applicable audit criteria, have been met.

Bywater’s experienced ISO auditors have undertaken internal & supplier audits, pre-assessment audits and certification audits for and on behalf of organisations worldwide. Many are also experienced tutors having trained hundreds of delegates on CQI and IRCA certified auditing courses.

Benefits of Auditing

  • Assess conformity of the operation of a management system to see if activities are being carried out as planned
  • Provide confidence in the effectiveness of the management system processes
  • Assess conformity with the requirements of an ISO standard and other regulatory requirements
  • Promote best practice within an organisation
  • Identify opportunities for change and for continual improvement
  • Achieve and maintain internationally recognised ISO certification where internal audits required

How it Works


Our consultant will contact you to gain an understanding of your requirements including the type of audit you require (pre-assessment, internal or supplier audit) and whether you require an onsite or remote audit. Our consultant can undertake the full audit for you, audit part of your system or simply support your team during the audit. 

A proposal will be sent confirming the audit scope, timescale and cost. Upon agreement to proceed, our consultant will plan and prepare for the audit including establishing contact with the auditee, creating the audit checklist and performing a document review.

The Audit

On the day of the audit, an opening meeting will be held to confirm the audit objectives, scope, method and audit timetable. 

Whilst conducting the audit the consultant will through review documented information and interview top management, process owners and process operators to identify conformance. Throughout the audit the consultant will complete the prepared audit checklist and communicate any risks or nonconformities identified to the auditee.

The audit will conclude with a closing meeting where the consultant will present the audit outcome and nonconformities where applicable.

Audit Report and Follow-up 

An audit report will be provided which will include a summary of the audit and detail nonconformities, opportunities for improvement, recommended follow-up actions and actions agreed during the audit. 

Following your audit we can provide as much or as little support as required. If nonconformities were identified we can provide support to resolve these including undertaking a root cause analysis. 

Coaching services are available to guide your employees through the audit process whilst our ISO management system training courses, including our CQI and IRCA certified auditing training courses, equips your staff with the knowledge and skills to undertake audits.

    What next?

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