Lean training courses can benefit anyone involved in the drive for greater efficiency and customer satisfaction in any industry.

Our comprehensive interactive training programme teaches how to ‘think Lean’ about business processes, aiming to reduce waste, cut costs and increase customer value. With courses starting at introductory overview and building to advanced practical expertise, our tutors will explain how to apply methodologies, tools and philosophies to support continuous improvement and manage change.

Courses are available at locations across the UK, in our global Virtual Classroom, and as dedicated courses for your organisation.

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Lean Practitioner Training Course | 3 days

Of our choice of introductory Lean courses, this 3-day training goes into detail about the Lean tools and techniques that can improve customer satisfaction, increase efficiency and improve productivity.

The course is designed to work with our Lean Leader training, combining basic understanding with more advanced skills. The 2 courses are scheduled together in our public training programme.

Next Course: 17 - 19 June 2024 in Coventry
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Lean Leader Training Course | 2 days

This course is intended to give those already proficient in Lean a greater understanding of how to apply Lean tools and techniques to projects for lasting improvements, while addressing practical topics such as resistance to change.

We schedule this course immediately after our Lean Practitioner training to enable those new to Lean to benefit from a comprehensive learning experience.

Next Course: 20 - 21 June 2024 in Coventry
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5S Training Course | 1 day

Learn how to apply the 5S (Sort, Set, Shine, Standardise and Sustain) approach to organising and improving productivity in the workplace on this short course.

With a focus on organisational and individual efficiency, 5S is one of the easiest first steps to establishing a Lean culture.

Next Course: 04 June 2024 in Leeds, West Yorkshire
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Value Stream Mapping Training Course | 1 day

Gain a greater understanding of business processes by learning how to visualise the flow of information and services needed to bring a product or service to market.

By exploring how to apply Value Stream Mapping, delegates will be able to identify and remove ‘waste’ from processes for lower costs and greater customer satisfaction.

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Kaizen and 5S Training Course | 1 day

Find out how the Kaizen culture of continuous improvement can help to improve employee motivation, customer focus and productivity.

The course looks at the various Kaizen principles and tools, including 5S. We also run a training course dedicated to the 5S approach.

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Lean Basics Training Course | 1 day

Organisations and individuals who are completely new to Lean can benefit from this 1-day introductory overview of the benefits of Lean and the implications of its implementation.

Those who would like a more in-depth introduction to Lean may prefer to attend our 3-day Lean Practitioner training course.

Next Course: 21 January 2025 in Central London
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