Lean training courses are suitable for anyone involved in the drive for greater efficiency and customer satisfaction in any industry.

Our comprehensive interactive training programme teaches delegates how to ‘think Lean’ about their business processes to reduce waste, cut costs and increase customer value. On courses ranging from basic understanding to advanced practical expertise, delegates will learn how to apply various methodologies, tools and techniques to support continuous improvement and manage change.

Courses are available at locations across the UK, in our virtual classroom, and as dedicated courses run exclusively for your organisation.

Choose your Lean course

Lean Practitioner Training Course | 3 days

The course provides an excellent starting point for anyone who would like to use Lean tools and techniques to improve customer satisfaction, increase efficiency and improve productivity.

Delegates to this course can go on to gain a more in-depth knowledge of Lean with our Lean Leader training course.

Next Course: 04 - 06 July 2022 Online
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Lean Leader Training Course | 2 days

This course is suitable for those already proficient in Lean and who now want to learn how to apply Lean tools and techniques to projects for lasting improvements, and to overcome resistance to change.

The practical course follows on immediately after our Lean Practitioner training course in our schedule. By booking both courses together, delegates can gain a practical understanding of the application of Lean with no prior knowledge of the approach.

Next Course: 07 - 08 July 2022 Online
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Value Stream Mapping Training Course (VSM) | 1 day

This course teaches attendees how to visualise the flow of information and services needed to bring a product or service to market using Value Stream Mapping. This technique can also be used for a better understanding of business processes across departments.

By learning how to ‘map’ a process, delegates will be able to identify waste, which delivers no value to customers and can be removed to improve processes.

Next Course: 05 September 2022 Online
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5S Training Course | 1 day

Delegates to this course will learn how to apply the 5S (Sort, Set, Shine, Standardise and Sustain) approach to organising and improving productivity in the workplace.

With a focus on organisational and individual efficiency, 5S is one of the easiest first steps to establishing a Lean culture.

Next Course: 06 September 2022 Online
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Kaizen and 5S Training Course | 1 day

Those attending this course will learn about the Kaizen culture of continuous improvement, improvement philosophy, culture and approaches. It is suitable for anyone in the organisation interested in improving employee motivation, customer focus and productivity.

The course includes a look at applying Kaizen principles and tools, including 5S.

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Lean Basics Training Course | 1 day

This introductory Lean training course is suitable for organisations and individuals that are new to Lean and wish to understand what it is, its benefits and barriers, and the steps and tools that support implementation.

A more in-depth introduction to Lean can be gained on the Lean Practitioner training course.

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