Learn how to apply Lean tools and techniques for lasting changes, and overcome resistance to change, on our Lean Leader training course.

This 2-day course follows on from our Lean Practitioner training course, and gives delegates who are already proficient in Lean the skills and tools to measure process efficiencies and project success.  It includes modules and group work covering subjects such as managing conflict, leadership styles and managing stakeholders for Lean projects and deployment.

After completing the course, delegates will be able to apply their advanced understanding of Lean to champion Lean improvement projects, as well as manage stakeholder requirements and overcome resistance to change.

All delegates will receive a certificate on completion of the course.

This course is suitable for:

  • those from any industry sector wishing to implement Lean in their organisation
  • managers or process owners in organisations struggling to implement efficiency-based improvements and overcome challenges to change
  • managers and senior figures wishing to equip themselves with tools for change
  • anyone looking for tools to help them achieve personal development objectives
  • individuals already proficient in Lean who want to advance their understanding and skill set

The course is designed for those already proficient in Lean, and it directly follows on from the Lean Practitioner training course in our schedules. You can book all 5 consecutive days together to benefit from a £195 discount.

Topics covered on this course include:

  • leading and managing for Lean
  • managing stakeholder requirements during Lean implementation projects
  • Lean project management and the define, measure, analyse, improve, control (DMAIC) process
  • force field analysis, a tool used to analyse driving and resisting factors of change
  • adapting Lean to inspire workers
  • changing victims of change into enablers of change
  • root cause analysis
  • theory of constraints

By the end of this Lean Leader training course, delegates will be able to:

  • understand a variety of advanced Lean tools to successfully plan, manage and undertake Lean improvement projects
  • review others’ Lean improvement initiatives
  • make lasting changes by altering thinking, not just the process
  • overcome resistance to change and Lean improvement
  • manage stakeholders in pursuit of objectives
  • monitor and champion Lean improvement projects

Participants will also receive a Certificate of Completion, which is a testament to their commitment to professional development and their newly acquired knowledge and skills in leading Lean change.

Lean Leader Certificate