The 5S process improvement approach is a commonly used Lean and Six Sigma toolset adopted to establish organisation and improve productivity within a workplace.  It gets its name from five Japanese words that broadly translate into:

  • Sort
  • Set
  • Shine
  • Standardise
  • Sustain

A 5S system is a relatively simple yet powerful approach to organising a workplace, having a profound effect on the efficiency of processes and tasks and of the safety of staff carrying out these activities.

By focussing on removing ‘wastes’ such as unnecessary inventory, movement and over-processing, implementing a 5S system is one of the easiest and often primary steps an organisation can take to establishing a Lean culture.

Ideal for groups of colleagues, our 5S training workshops are also available on a dedicated basis and can be delivered over half or a whole day at your premises by one of our Lean experts.

  • 5S Introduction and Background
  • The Seven Wastes
  • How 5S assists Kaizen, or continual improvement
  • Visual Management and Standard Practice
  • Poka Yoke
  • Red tagging
  • 5S System Implementation and Teamwork
  • 5S Maintenance
  • The sixth ‘S’ (safety)

This course is suitable for anyone involved in improving the efficiency of a workplace, whether that is in the capacity as an operator, team member, manager, improvement specialist or director.  It is also suitable for manufacturing and production environments, laboratories and offices alike.

On completion of this 5S training workshop, delegates will gain an understanding of all types of waste that occur when carrying out tasks.  Delegates will also have the opportunity to broaden their knowledge and skills to implement and use a 5S approach to reduce these wastes, ultimately improving safety.

With a focus on teamwork, this course will allow delegates to understand how their contribution towards maintaining a 5S approach improves others’ productivity too along with the competitiveness of their organisation.

Our 5S Training Course includes modules and interactive workshops covering subjects such as ‘5S & 6S’, ‘Lessons Learnt’ and ‘Continuous Improvement Cycle’. Dedicated training can take place at your premises, a venue of your choice or online on your preferred date.

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