Effective Procurement and Contract Management is essential for commercial success, not only because of the direct impact it has on driving cost savings and increasing efficiency, but also because strong supplier relationships help achieve other initiatives such as improving quality, reducing environmental impact and meeting other stakeholders expectations.

Bywater has extensive experience in providing procurement and contract management training to those within both the public and private sectors, including programmes tailored to address company-specific needs. Our courses below cover different stages of the procurement journey from specification design to tendering and from category management to optimising contract performance.

Our Procurement and Contract Management training courses are available online and at venues across the UK including Manchester, London, West Yorkshire and Glasgow. All delegates are provided with course materials and certificates upon completion.

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All of our Procurement and Contract Management training courses take place on a dedicated basis at a venue of your choice or online in our Virtual Classroom. These can be tailored to your requirements based on your company’s procurement objectives and contract requirements. Please visit our Dedicated Training page to learn more and request a quote bespoke to your requirements.

We can provide further support through our tailored Procurement and Contract Management Consultancy Services including support with project transformation, contract management and change management.

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Contract Management Training Course | 2 days

  • Designed to enhance the performance and confidence of staff directly involved in managing supplier contracts, thereby optimising the delivery of value from external contracts.
  • Provides a detailed understanding of the contract management lifecycle and how to establish a robust contract management process.
  • Provides insight to best practice contract management tools, techniques and approaches to performance and relationship management.
  • This course incorporates our Contract Management Fundamentals training course meaning no prior knowledge is required. 
Next Course: 16 - 17 June 2022 Online
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Contract Management Fundamentals Training Course | 1 day

  • Designed to build awareness of the contract management process and factors critical to the successful management of external supply contracts.
  • Suitable for staff new to contract management or other contract stakeholders indirectly involved in managing contracts who are interested in gaining an improved understanding of contract management principles.
  • This course is day one of our two-day Contract Management training course. 
Next Course: 16 June 2022 Online
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Category Management Training Course - Process, Tools and Techniques | 1 day

  • Introduces delegates to Category Management and covers category management principles, techniques, tools and approaches.
  • Key topics include: Stakeholder Mapping, Category Risk Profiling, Supplier Referencing, Procurement Methods and Strategic Alignment.
  • On completion, delegates will be able to confidently engage in collective procurement activities and understand the of role category management within an organisation.
Next Course: 23 June 2022 Online
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Practical Negotiation Skills for Procurement and Contract Management | 1 day

  • Provides awareness of key concepts relating to influencing, persuasion and negotiation and the opportunity for delegates to practice negotiation skills using procurement and contract management scenarios.
  • Adopt new approaches to influencing and negotiating with suppliers and understand how to optimise agreed supply contract terms.
  • Recommended for those involved in contract negotiation, supplier management and stakeholder negotiations. 
Next Course: 22 June 2022 Online
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Commercial Awareness Training Course | 1 day

  • Designed to provide delegates with a greater awareness of the commercial principles that underpin procurement. 
  • Key topics include Buyer and Seller Behaviour, Types of Supplier Negotiation and Collectively Owning the Commercial Landscape.
  • Recommended for procurement professionals and stakeholders seeking a greater understanding of the commercial and supplier engagement dynamics which underpin procurement activities.
Next Course: 07 July 2022 Online
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ISO 20400 Sustainable Procurement Training Course | 1 day

  • Designed for anyone seeking an understanding of ISO 20400 and Sustainable Procurement, what it means and how it can unlock value from your procurement activities and supply chains.
  • Provides an overview of the ISO 20400 standard, including the fundamentals of ‘sustainable procurement' and how to incorporate sustainable considerations into procurement policy and strategy.
  • Learn how to organise your business towards sustainability by building on existing procurement processes.
Next Course: 11 July 2022 Online
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Procurement Essentials Training Course | 2 days

  • Designed for those new to procurement and stakeholders who require a greater understanding of procurement activities.
  • Provides an end-to-end understanding of procurement including procurement processes, activities, tools and relationships.
  • Covers key topics including the procurement cycle, operational procurement, procurement tools, best practice and developing supplier relationships.
Next Course: 24 - 25 May 2022 in Manchester
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Specification and Service Level Agreement (SLA) Training Course | 1 day

  • Introduces how specifications and service levels agreements (SLA) are used within the procurement contract management cycles.
  • Understand what typical specifications and SLAs contain and how to write these.
  • Use SLAs to effectively manage supplier performance.
Next Course: 08 July 2022 in Kensington, London
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