Develop a basic understanding of the contract management process and the factors that are critical to the successful management of external supply contracts on this Contract Management Fundamentals training course.

This 1-day interactive and practical course explores the role of a contract manager within the procurement process.

By the end of the course, students will have an improved understanding of contract management principles, and how effective contract management can be achieved through a coordinated and structured approach to supplier management.

This course is suitable for staff new to contract management or other contract stakeholders indirectly involved in managing contracts who are interested in gaining an improved understanding of contract management principles. These may include:

  • those responsible for managing low-criticality supplier contracts
  • managers responsible for supporting contract management staff (operations and procurement)
  • supplier personnel responsible for managing contract delivery with their customers
  • procurement and other contract stakeholder personnel requiring insight into contract management

This course is day 1 of our 2-day Contract Management training course, which offers deeper insights into best-practice management tools, techniques and approaches to performance and relationship management. The 2-day scheduled course dates can be viewed here.

Topics covered by the course include:

  • the importance of contract management
  • principles and concepts around contract management
  • role of the contract manager
  • attributes of a successful contract manager
  • the contract management lifecycle
  • identifying objectives (development, implementation, delivery and closure)
  • critical success factors for effective contract delivery
  • managing relationships in contracts
  • managing contract performance
  • risk management and business continuity
  • contractual obligations
  • performance management
  • Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle

On completion of this Contract Management Fundamentals training course delegates will understand:

  • the importance and principles of contract management
  • the role of the contract manager
  • the contract management lifecycle and its phases and related activities
  • the importance of effective contract relationship management
  • the basic tools and techniques used in contract performance management
  • what good contract management looks like

Delegates will also receive a Certificate of Completion which recognises their knowledge and understanding of Contract Management Fundamentals.

Contract Management Fundamentals Certificate