Gain an understanding of category management and the evolution of strategic sourcing on this Category Management training course.

On this 1-day course, delegates will learn about key category management principles, techniques, tools and approaches by taking part in our engaging workshops and modules.

At the end of the course delegates will understand the role that category management plays within purchasing and its benefits in creating value for the organisation.

This course will be helpful to:

  • procurement professionals and stakeholders seeking a greater understanding of the role that category management plays in driving value across the organisation
  • professionals who have recently undertaken the role of a category manager
  • those requiring a refresher on the theory and principles of category management
  • supplier personnel interested in understanding their customers’ sourcing behaviour

Topics covered in the course include:

  • introduction to category management
  • the evolution of sourcing
  • category managers within procurement structures
  • stakeholder mapping and engagement
  • supplier classification and segmentation
  • supplier referencing
  • category risk profiling
  • procurement levers and methods
  • prioritising activities
  • planning activities
  • strategic alignment and stakeholder buy-in
  • assurance and ongoing governance

On completion of this Category Management course, delegates will have a greater understanding of the benefits of category management as a strategic and structured approach to the procurement of goods and services.

They will know how category management contributes to the development and achievement of organisational goals, and how it delivers high performance from the supply market and an optimised supply chain.

Delegates will be able to engage in collective procurement activities with a good comprehension of the value that this drives.