Learn how sustainable procurement aims to deliver best value for money whilst ensuring organisations behave in socially, economically and environmentally responsible ways on this ISO 20400 Sustainable Procurement training course.

This 1-day course will explore ISO 20400:2017 in detail to look at how it can be used to identify sustainability considerations across a range of procurement activities, and how to integrate these into existing procurement practices.

At the end of this course delegates will understand the importance of sustainable procurement and how to integrate a sustainable approach into their organisation’s operations.

This course is suitable for anyone interested in the purpose and application of sustainable procurement, including:

  • anyone seeking an answer to ‘why’ organisations should undertake sustainable procurement
  • those tasked with developing a sustainable procurement strategy or sourcing strategy that includes sustainability
  • purchasing staff who need to take sustainability into account when making purchasing decisions
  • budget holders with responsibility for setting specifications and who need to understand how sustainability factors can be included in specifications
  • contract managers who need to monitor and manage supplier commitment to sustainability
  • other stakeholders (e.g. supplier staff) who would like to understand more about sustainable procurement or ISO 20400

Key topics covered on this course include:

  • overview of ISO 20400
  • the concept of ‘sustainable procurement’, its principles and core subjects
  • the drivers for sustainable procurement
  • key sustainability impacts and considerations
  • integrating sustainability into procurement policy and strategy
  • resolving potential conflicts
  • organising the procurement function towards sustainability
  • integrating sustainability into the procurement process, including building on the existing process
  • practical issues when using a sustainability criteria for supplier selection
  • continual improvement

On completion of this ISO 20400 Sustainable Procurement training course, delegates will better understand:

  • the concept of sustainable procurement and the key issues driving the agenda
  • the principles, core subjects and key considerations for sustainable procurement
  • how to align an organisation’s procurement activities with organisational objectives and goals
  • how to set sustainable procurement priorities including how to handle and resolve potential conflicts
  • how to achieve sustainability priorities through integrating sustainability considerations at a strategic level
  • the conditions required to continually improve the performance of the system
  • practical issues when using sustainability criteria for supplier selection

Delegates will also receive a certificate of completion following the course, demonstrating their new knowledge and skills in Sustainable Procurement.

ISO 20400 Sustainable Procurement Certificate