Procurement professionals often deal with a myriad of activities from developing sourcing strategies to negotiating contracts and managing supplier relationships.  The skills required to perform their roles effectively are therefore just as wide-ranging.  Procurement professionals are expected to be good communicators and project managers, have sound commercial and financial awareness and be great influencers and negotiators.

This two-day Procurement Essentials training course is designed to help those new to procurement to develop a holistic understanding of the procurement lifecycle and a comprehension of its individual stages, along with equipping delegates with procurement tools and basic skills to confidently embark on a career in procurement.

  • Introduction to Procurement
  • The Procurement Cycle
    • Sourcing and Category Strategy
    • Procuring/Tendering
    • Contracting
    • Supplier Management
  • Procurement Roles and Responsibilities
  • Operational Procurement (Systems, Processes, Policies and Governance)
  • Sector and Operating Model Variances
  • Procurement Tools
    • Supplier/Buyer Segmentation
    • Scorecards
    • RAID logs
  • Core Skills
    • Impact and Influence
    • Timekeeping
    • Project Management
    • Understanding Contract Law
    • Negotiation
  • Additional Procurement Skills
    • Data Analysis
    • Market Research
    • Active Listening
  • Developing Supplier Relationships and Conducting Review Meetings
  • Developing Stakeholder Engagement
  • Best Practice
  • Sources of Insight

This two-day Procurement training course is recommended for those who are new to procurement including:

  • Those undertaking procurement responsibilities as part of their job role
  • Stakeholders seeking to gain a greater understanding of procurement activities
  • Non-procurement professionals who wish to understand the procurement process

Following the course, delegates will have an understanding of end-to-end procurement, including processes, roles, activities, tools, and relationships and will be able to:

  • understand the key terminologies used within procurement
  • apply key procurement tools to make a difference within their role
  • understand the importance of supplier management, for example, to ensure maximum value is received
  • confidently engage with suppliers and stakeholders

When delivered on a dedicated basis this Procurement training course can be tailored towards your organisation’s specific requirements, including tailored workshops based on your company’s sector and operations. Dedicated training can take place at your premises, a location of your choice or online within our Virtual Classroom on your preferred date.  Dedicated training is normally more cost-effective and convenient for those who wish to train three or more employees.

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