Virtual Classroom Training is a live, tutor-led learning experience that utilises video conferencing technology to provide a highly engaging and interactive online course.  Delegates are able to participate in group sessions, collaborate and up-skill from the convenience of their home or location of choice.

Bywater is a leading provider of management systems and business improvement Virtual Classroom events with one of the most extensive ranges of online course titles and dates available. All of our courses can be delivered via Virtual Classroom Training and maintain their certifications with professional bodies such as CQI and IRCA, IEMA and IOSH. 

Stable internet connectionStable internet connection
PC, laptop or tabletPC, laptop or tablet
A webcam and microphone (built in or connected via USB)A webcam and microphone (built in or connected via USB)
A quiet spaceA quiet space

Our online Virtual Classroom Training courses enjoy all of the benefits of our venue based Scheduled Training courses with the added convenience of not having to leave your home. Limited classroom sizes ensures maximum engagement.

We use Zoom as our preferred training delivery solution. Zoom’s technology ensures the course is interactive and engaging with functions such as:

  • Screensharing PowerPoint slides and relevant course materials
  • Breakout rooms for workshops, case studies and role plays
  • Annotating the whiteboard during interactive sessions
  • Sending files and messages via the Zoom chat function

Zoom’s user-friendly interface means no previous experience on Zoom is required. Taster sessions are available upon request, please contact our team for more information.

All you need to participate is a laptop, desktop PC or tablet* with a fast & stable internet connection, plus a webcam, microphone and audio.  Earphones or headset may be preferable.

*Please note Lead Auditor and Auditor Conversion exams cannot be completed on a tablet

For further details about our training courses please search for your preferred course using the search bar below.

All of our scheduled and dedicated Virtual Classroom training courses are certified in the same way as our venue-based training courses with all delegates receiving a certificate upon completion.

As an Approved Training Partner, we offer training courses certified by professional bodies including; CQI and IRCA, IEMA, IOSH, RSS and QuEST Forum within our Virtual Classroom.

For further details about our training courses please search for your preferred course using the search bar below.

All of our training courses are available on a dedicated basis within the virtual classroom environment. Dedicated Training is often more cost effective and convenient for those wishing to train 3 or more employees. Whilst our recommended delivery method is Zoom we can provide dedicated training on your preferred video conferencing platform including Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business.

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Virtual Training FAQs
All delegates receive a certificate upon successful completion of our online courses. IEMA, CQI and IRCA have approved are virtual training courses and virtual exams.
Whilst undertaking our Lead Auditor and Auditor Conversion exam you will need to share your screen. When using an Apple Mac, in some instances delegates are unable to screen share on Zoom. Generally, this is due to your privacy settings. We have put together a guide to help resolve this: Screen Share on a Mac To resolve this we recommend undertaking the following steps: Go to your 'Settings' Go to 'Security and Privacy' Select 'Screen Recording' Ensure the box next to Zoom is ticked. Please note, if the area which shows the Zoom app is greyed out you will need to click the padlock symbol prior to ticking ''. The next time you log into Zoom you should now be able to screen share. If you are still unable to share your screen please contact Bywater for further assistance.
The features are very user-friendly and delegates that have completed training within our Virtual Classroom testify to this. If you have any concerns about using the technology please contact us and we will be happy to set up a test call with you.  
We use Zoom as it utilises user-friendly technology and includes functions such as breakout rooms to ensure our courses are highly interactive. If you are unable to join via Zoom please contact our team to discuss alternative solutions. Whilst we recommend Zoom, dedicated training courses can be provided on other platforms including Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business.
Our Virtual Classroom training is very interactive. Many delegates have expressed a concern that Virtual Classroom training will not be as interactive as face to face training prior to the course and then within their feedback have rated the level of interaction and the virtual experience as the elements that exceeded their expectations. We incorporate various training methods within the Virtual Classroom to ensure it remains highly engaging, including workshops and roles plays within breakout rooms, an interactive whiteboard function, case studies and more. Webcams and microphones allow you to see, hear and communicate with the tutor and other delegates throughout the course.
For online Virtual Classroom courses, exam answers are typed within our user-friendly online exam platform. Exams are invigilated via video conferencing and measures are in place, including anti-plagiarism software, to prevent cheating. The exam protocol is provided prior to the exam. Professional bodies, including IEMA, CQI and IRCA, have approved our virtual exam process.  
We recommend you ensure your internet connection is stable prior to joining the course. If you do have problems with connectivity please contact our team who will do their utmost to help. If you regularly experience connectivity issues you may wish to consider undertaking the course from an alternative location, for example your office.
Timings and breaks have been reviewed to provide you with a comfortable learning experience.