EFQM Excellence Model Training Courses

The European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) Excellence Model is a well established management framework introduced at the beginning of 1992 for assessing organisations for the European Quality Award. It is now the most widely used organisational framework in Europe and it has become the basis for the majority of national and regional Quality Awards. More than that, the EFQM Excellence Model is a holistic framework against which you can take stock of your organisation’s current practices, strengths and areas that need improvement. It facilitates self-assessment and improvement.

By its nature, the EFQM Excellence Model framework is much more holistic than that of ISO 9001:2015 or indeed, any ISO standard. It consists of three components, the Fundamental Concepts of Excellence, the nine Criteria for Excellence which include the 32 sub-criteria, and the so-called RADAR mechanism which is the dynamic component of the framework, by which doing good things to achieve the desired good results together with assessment and refinement, in turn leads us back to doing good things.

Bywater offers a range of training courses to meet client needs in Organisational Excellence and productivity. In the context of the implementation of the EFQM Excellence Model, we deliver a number of EFQM Licensed courses in-house through our EFQM Licensed training partner, Services Limited.

Our public EFQM Licensed training courses, delivered through our EFQM Licensed training partner Services Limited, include the following:

EFQM Internal Assessment Training Course

Duration: 3 Days
Available in-house only

Leading Your Excellence Journey

Duration: 1 Day