Find out how five Core Tools (FMEA, APQP, PPAP, SPC, and MSA) underpin the product development process and product life cycle, from concept to service support, with this comprehensive Core Tools Package training deal.

This single course combines our individual Core Tools courses to run across 4 consecutive days. The course includes interactive workshops, case studies and team activities to encourage group discussion around the application of these Core Tools.

At the end of the course delegates will understand how Core Tools enable organisations to develop new products and processes more efficiently, reduce the risk of product and process failure, and enable co-operation between supply chain partners.

This training course is suitable for anyone involved in, or in charge of, a manufacturing and design process.

Those attending this course do not need to have substantial knowledge of the topics prior to this course.

Delegates should bring a laptop or calculator for use in practical workshops.

By booking this package, delegates can save up to £605 + VAT  compared with booking each of the APQP, PPAP, FMEA, SPC and MSA courses separately.

The course covers topics around the 5 core tools, including:

  • APQP (advanced product quality planning) and PPAP (production part approval process):
  • the business need for APQP and PPAP processes
  • the requirement for APQP and PPAP in IATF/TS 16949
  • overview of APQP process
  • project management and timing plans
  • PPAP process and requirements
  • scope and limitations of approval
  • evaluation of evidence submitted
  • Ford phased PPAP requirements
  • levels of submission and evidence required
  • FMEA (failure modes effects analysis):
  • the business need for FMEA in product and process design
  • types of FMEA – system, design, process and machinery
  • FMEA methodology and definitions
  • SPC (statistical process control):
  • the existence and measurement of variation
  • understanding and managing variation
  • role of control charts
  • X-range charts
  • attributes charts
  • capability analysis
  • MSA (measurement system analysis):
  • concepts of MSA
  • measurement system elements and their contribution to measurement variation
  • terminology and concepts (bias, linearity, stability, repeatability and reproducibility)
  • existence and measurement of variation
  • variation
  • normal distribution
  • accuracy and precision
  • measures of variation (mean, standard deviation and variance)
  • MSA studies
  • bias (overview and methodology)
  • linearity (overview and methodology)
  • stability studies (overview and methodology)
  • measurement uncertainty (overview)
  • measurement system analysis and studies (variable and attribute)
  • repeatability and reproducibility
  • performance of a gauge R&R study
  • interpretation and use of study data (from example data provided)
  • use of data for cost-saving (calibration intervals, number of measurements taken etc.)

This combined Core Tools training enables delegates to:

  • gain a strong understanding of all the Core Tools
  • identify the requirements and expectations for a product or process
  • initiate APQP and PPAP processes for product development within an organisation
  • use SPC techniques to generate, utilise and interpret control charts to manage process variation
  • use MSA to determine the suitability of measurement systems
  • produce an FMEA and fit an FMEA to identify and manage potential failures
  • perform FMEA to the latest standards
  • provide high-quality products that meet or exceed customer expectations
  • produce high volumes sustainably

Delegates who attend and fully participate in this Core Tools training course will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Core Tools Training - Package Deal Certificate