Organisations that fail to respond to the growing expectations for action in respect of environmental sustainability risk becoming marginalised, as competitors seek to innovate and enhance their reputations and brand strength.

Bywater’s experienced Environmental Consultants can support organisations to understand the drivers for sustainability, identifying their own strengths and weaknesses and develop effective programmes to embrace environmental sustainability, offset carbon emissions and achieve net zero.

Environmental Sustainability Services

  • Undertaking carbon footprinting and developing strategies and initiatives for achieving carbon neutrality
  • Materiality assessment to understand stakeholders’ interests and concerns
  • Benchmarking performance in key areas including climate change
  • Developing over-arching environmental sustainability strategies
  • Planning and implementing improvement initiatives in key areas, for example sustainable supply chains
  • Developing metrics and data collection processes for corporate reporting
  • Supporting reporting organisations through the report assurance process

Our Approach

Developing a Strategy 

Our consultants can provide support in identifying the material issues and opportunities that will add value to your organisation and help meet the expectations of stakeholders.

Our services include developing stakeholder engagement processes; determining environmental sustainability expectations and aligning them with the broader business vision, strategy and governance processes; and identifying key areas for operational transformation.

Implementing Environmental Sustainability Programmes 

Our Sustainability Consultants will develop a detailed project programme to implement an environmental sustainability strategy. Where required, this can be based on an existing management system (such as an EMS certified to ISO 14001), strengthened as necessary to provide a robust delivery framework.

This stage may include a detailed gap and performance analysis, for example an assessment of supply chain impacts or developing an organisational carbon footprint (our specialists have experience of applying ISO 14064 Part 1, the GHG Protocol and a range of other standards).

Once opportunities for improvement have been established, our environmental specialists will work with you to develop practical initiatives to drive the implementation of the strategy and fulfil stakeholder expectations.

Demonstrating Success 

Implementing an environmental sustainability strategy results in internal operating benefits, for example increased efficiencies and reduced vulnerabilities. The outcomes can also enhance reputation and brand strength.

Our Environmental Consultants are experienced in working with organisations to develop reliable and transparent corporate reporting and communications processes that give confidence to stakeholders and form the basis of assurance to various globally-recognised standards and initiatives.

We can support your organisation in developing robust metrics and data processes that can provide internal confidence and external credibility. For example, we can help you develop, implement and report on a greenhouse gas reduction programme that will substantiate claims of working towards or achieving carbon neutrality.

Additional Support 

As IEMA Training Partner, we offer IEMA certified and approved training courses to equip delegates with the knowledge and skills to identify and improve environmental sustainability performance in the workplace. All of our IEMA courses, including our IEMA Foundation Certificate in Environmental Management, can be undertaken at your premises, within our Virtual Classroom or at one of our UK venues. 

    What next?

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