Improve the performance and confidence of staff directly involved in managing supplier contracts with our Contract Management training course.

This 2-day course provides a detailed understanding of the contract management lifecycle and how to establish a robust contract management process. It includes interactive workshops around topics such as ‘risk management’, ‘the contract management lifecycle’ and ‘performance management’, to enable students to put ideas into practice.

Upon completion of the course delegates will have an insight into best-practice management tools, techniques and approaches to performance and relationship management, enabling them to help optimise the value of external contracts.

This course is suitable for individuals managing the performance of supplier contracts, including:

  • managers responsible for supporting contract management staff (operations and procurement)
  • supplier personnel who manage contract delivery with their customers
  • those in procurement requiring a detailed insight into contract performance management
  • anyone with responsibility for contract management within their wider role

Topics covered on the course include:

  • role of the contract manager
  • structuring the contract management process to optimise contract performance
  • the contract management lifecycle
  • structure of the legal contract and practical implications for contract managers
  • role of risk management in managing supplier contracts and business continuity
  • contract performance management tools and techniques, including key performance indicators (KPIs) and service-level agreements (SLAs)
  • contract Healthcheck and SWOT analysis
  • performance management and continuous improvement
  • application of supply chain management and process improvement principles to deliver contract objectives
  • effective supplier and stakeholder relationship management
  • problem-solving tools and techniques
  • the Contract Management Framework (CMF)
  • Contract Scorecards
  • benchmarking, performance reviews and dispute resolution
  • managing under-performance and contractual issues effectively
  • supplier performance review meetings
  • common contract clauses

On completion of this course, delegates will be able to confidently:

  • explain their role and the role of others in managing supplier contracts
  • structure their approach to managing contracts and negotiate with suppliers
  • manage and facilitate improved contract performance through sound procedures and motivation of supplier personnel
  • manage supplier performance making effective use of review meetings and other approaches
  • make a professional impact in their relationships with suppliers and other stakeholders
  • provide input to and utilise the written contract in their management of contracts
  • deliver tangible improvements and benefits from their supply contracts

Participants will also receive a Certificate of Completion, which will serve as a testament to their commitment to professional development and their new knowledge and skills in improving contract performance.

Contract Management Certificate