Procurement and Contract Management Consultancy is available to public and private sector organisations seeking professional support to overcome specific challenges in order to achieve significant savings, greater efficiency and drive improved business performance.

Bywater can help organisations meet these challenges head on, we do this by working together as a team to understand what your key priorities and objectives are. We can assess your current systems and procedures to assess where and how improvements can be made and identify any skills gap where training may be required.

Contract Management Diagram

  • Procurement process and organisation review
  • Strategic and tactical sourcing
  • Contract management review
  • Transform procurement function and review how goods or services are performing
  • Category management analysis
  • Restructuring existing partnerships
  • Consolidating spend
  • Training needs analysis and programmes
  • Supplier qualification services
  • Risk assessment – cyber and supply chain

We have worked with a number of organisations on customised projects in order the meet their objectives. Where appropriate this has included post project briefings to senior management to underline performance improvements and future ambitions. These include;

  • BP (Procurement Consultancy)
    Reviewed all aspects of procurement strategy – process, systems, roles, skills and measurement. Achieved significant savings short term and identified further savings long term.
  • Wolverhampton City Council (Procurement Consultancy)
    Value realisation project – cost reduction delivery across Council directorates by reviewing existing contracts to re-evaluate contracts and terms.
  • Buckinghamshire County Council (Contract Management and Action Learning Sets Programme)
    Contract management – improved contract performance, ensuring compliance, measurable improvements and efficiencies, identifying real value from existing contracts. Achieving values delivery across a range of services and Directorates.
  • Westminster City Council (Contract and Category Management Training Programme)
    Embedding category management and good contract management – introducing sourcing strategically, driving change and managing the market to achieve overall efficiency and performance for the Council.

Bywater can also provide scheduled and tailored training courses to address skills gaps. This helps to support and embed good procurement and contract management practice. View our Procurement and Contract Management training courses or contact us for a tailored quote to meet your requirements.

We can support you with the help you need, if you would discuss your contract management and procurement requirements contact the training team on 0333 123 9001.

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