Procurement and Contract Management Consultancy Services

As complexity of the business environment increases, supply chain performance has become an essential capability for competitive advantage. Procurement and Contract Management are therefore increasingly critical disciplines in delivering improved business performance.

Procurement and particularly contract management have traditionally been considered as administrative, compliance orientated and tactical disciplines. However they are now increasingly recognised as strategic activities critical to, and often driving, organisational success.

At Bywater we are passionate about the need for organisations to focus on all phases of the procurement and contract management lifecycle and we encourage a structured and collaborative approach to maximising their supply-side performance.

In order to support clients to build their Procurement and Contract Management capability we offer a range of services including:

  • Baseline Process Capability Assessment

    Following a short audit of organisational processes, policies and crucially practices, we provide our clients with a benchmark assessment against the Bywater Capability Maturity Models. From that we will work with you to explore any gaps and plan procurement and contract management improvement.

  • Process Improvement Planning and Implementation

    We offer a range of process improvement support services including the development of organisational procurement and contract management policies, guidance and templates, as well as full support in their implementation.

  • Development of Skills and Competency Frameworks

    Using our knowledge of the breadth and depth of procurement and contract management skills and competencies we can support your organisation to establish your own PSCM Competency Framework aligned with your own corporate values.

  • Skills and Competency Assessments and Training Needs Analysis

    We have extensive experience of working with clients to agree competency assessment criteria and from that, interviewing staff involved in procurement and contract management in order to identify both individual and group competency development requirements. From that we will create competency development plans and programmes to address the opportunities identified.

  • Procurement and Contract Management Training Courses and Programmes

    Bywater can provide both off-the-shelf and customised training interventions to address client specific procurement and contract management challenges and competency gaps. As well as having an extensive training course portfolio we are experienced in structuring and managing training programmes, including post-course learning interventions, in order to support and embed good procurement and contract management practice.