Sometimes organisations seek a training solution which isn’t off the shelf, but instead designed around their own needs and objectives. A generic, one size fits all course or even a slightly tailored version just won’t cut it. That is where bespoke training comes in.

We are increasingly being asked to provide;

  • Training which develops organisational capability to address organisational specific issues,
  • Carry out specific business processes,
  • Build awareness of current policy and practice.

Our solution has been to develop bespoke training interventions for our clients, involving our consultants gaining detailed understanding and knowledge of the issue, policy or process in question and then designing and developing a training course to address your specific business objectives.

We have a well developed methodology for the development of bespoke training solutions, key to the success of which is the first phase, to understand your objectives and requirements:

Bespoke training process diagram

Our approach to bespoke training is to appoint a business experienced consultant, with a detailed understanding of the subject area, responsible for the development process with the client, often followed by course delivery.

What are the Benefits of Bespoke Training?

The benefits of Bywater developing bespoke training include:

  • You receive training that is fully focussed on your learning outcomes and objectives
  • Learning outcomes are more easily embedded into your working practices
  • Improved return on investment through measurable improvements in performance
  • Greater employee satisfaction and engagement in training which is meaningful to their role
  • Our ability to tailor the nature of training approaches taken to match the preferred learning styles of delegates (eg. balance of workshops, case studies, presentation)
  • Courses run by consultants / tutors who have a detailed knowledge of your situation as well as the conceptual theory
  • The opportunity to develop action plans (individual, team or departmental) as an output of the training

Find Out More

Bywater has significant experience of developing and delivering bespoke training programmes supporting organisations with a wide range of solutions in both the public and private sectors.

To discuss your particular training requirements please call our team on 0333 123 9001 or