Root Cause Analysis Training Course

This Root Cause Analysis training course introduces delegates to problem solving methodology, demonstrating how you can select and apply the most appropriate tools and techniques to investigate and solve a variety of problems.

Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is a method of problem solving used to identify the root causes of faults, failures or problems which can enable you to identify the reasons why things go wrong and address the issues when customers complain about products and services.

RCA encompasses a wide range of approaches, tool and techniques which enable problem solving teams to look deeper into problems, uncover causes and suggest possible solutions, allowing you to prevent and control chronic and recurring problems by eliminating or detecting the causes of failure in your product design, production processes and administrative systems.  During the course delegates will be able to implement RCA methodology to address concerns including:

  • Product failures
  • Process failures and poor product quality
  • Poor process flow and productivity

Addressing the root causes of problems improves quality, process flow and productivity while also improving staff morale as people become engaged in the creative process of problem solving and process improvement.

  • Problem Solving Teams
  • Systems and Processes
    • Process Models
    • Process Controls and Failures
    • Process Measurement
  • Investigating Problems
    • Techniques and Diagnostic Tools
  • Using Statistics in Problem Solving
    • Understanding ‘Common Causes’ and ‘Special Causes’
    • Improving Process Control
    • Improving Process Flow and Productivity
  • Making Improvements
    • Minimising the risk of change
    • Monitoring Performance
    • Maintaining Control
  • Accidents and ‘one-off events’
    • Gathering the evidence
    • Finding the cause(s)
    • Prevention and ‘Risk Management’
  • Managers responsible for process and quality improvements
  • Quality Managers, Internal and External Auditors
  • Line managers and supervisors involved in managing customer and/or supplier relationships
  • Problem solving team members and leaders
  • Product or process designers
  • Industrial, production and process engineers
On completion of this Root Cause Analysis training course delegates will be able to:

  • Participate in effective problem solving teams
  • Use appropriate tools and techniques to identify and document the root causes of problems in production processes and administration systems, as well as product design.
  • Propose and evaluate solutions to prevent problems recurring
  • Communicate their findings and recommendations to their colleagues and senior management
  • Engage senior management in improving the system to remove the causes of failure – and controlling random management initiatives that may destabilise processes that are currently ‘under control’

Course Dates and Venues

Kensington, London
Holiday Inn Kensington
Residential: £1040 + VAT
Non-Residential: £845 + VAT
Leeds, West Yorkshire
Oulton Hall
Residential: £915 + VAT
Non-Residential: £795 + VAT
Coventry, West Midlands
Macdonald Ansty Hall
Residential: £935 + VAT
Non-Residential: £795 + VAT