What is Quality Management ISO 9001?

In today’s competitive world, Quality separates leading companies from their rivals. Although Quality Management may traditionally be defined as the means by which businesses consistently achieve a level of service or standard of a product as required by its customers, it is no longer sufficient to just meet customer requirements, they have to be exceeded. Through deliberate action to coordinate all stakeholder requirements, Quality Management is seen as a key enabler for cost reduction, profit and performance improvement.

It is our view that people and the systems they operate are essential elements in delivering a Quality Management strategy embracing four basic Quality Management principles;

  1. Quality is everybody’s business
  2. Get it right, first time and every time
  3. Communicate, co-operate and collaborate
  4. Continuously improve

Bywater is a world leader in Quality Consultancy and Training services providing organisations with the necessary guidance to establish and maintain a Quality Management System in line with the world’s most recognised Quality Management standard, ISO 9001.

The organisational benefits of having an ISO 9001 Quality Management System include:

  • More consistent products and services
  • Customer satisfaction and repeat business
  • Delivering continuous improvement
  • Improved chances of winning new business

Whether you are looking to enhance an existing Quality Management System or are seeking to implement a new one, Bywater can support your ambitions with a variety of Management Consultancy Services, such as: