ISO 18404 Lean Practitioner Training Course

Following on from the introductory training course, this Lean Practitioner training programme provides more advanced training to enable participants to undertake application of Lean principles and techniques within their organisations.

This course covers a wide variety of Lean topics, and will result in delegates gaining an advanced understanding of Lean. Some of the key topics covered are:

  • Customer Requirements & Service
  • Quality Function Deployment
  • Prohibitors and Bottlenecks to Process Flow
    • Managing Constraints; Pull & Push; Takt time; Multiple Job Types, Changeovers & Demand cycle; Stock definitions; Runners, Repeaters and Strangers; Kanbans; SMED
  • Visual Management
  • Lean & Financial Management
  • Poka Yoke
    • Inspection System Types; Strategies for Zero Defects; Defect Prevention Principles; Poka Yoke Control
  • Understanding and Dealing with Resistance
    • Common Causes of Resistance; Layers of Resistance; The Transition Curve
  • The Theory of Constraints
    • Issue of The Cost Concept; Physical, Policy & Paradigm Constraints; Drum, Buffer, Rope; Process for Improvement; Synchronized Operations; Managing Time Buffers & Focusing Improvement
  • Relationships to Systems Thinking
    • The “Big Picture”; Characteristics of Systems; Use of Causal Loop Diagrams
  • The Process Design/ Specification Process
  • The Pursuit of Perfection and Sustaining Improvement
    • Kaizan Opportunities; Deming Cycle; Root Cause Analysis & Problem Solving; Cause and Effect; Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) and Overall Equipment Effectiveness; Organisational Issues with the Pursuit of Perfection
  • Supply Chain Management and Lean
  • Lean and Agile
  • The Progress of Lean
  • Learning & Change
    • The Four Phases of Kolb’s Learning Cycle; Honey and Mumford’s Four Learning Styles; Using Your Learning Preferences
  • Managing Lean Teams
    • Stages of Team development; Good Team Working; Conflicts in Teams
  • Management & Leadership
    • Leadership Types; Leadership of Change; Leader-Managers; The Leadership Triangle; Leadership Styles; Putting It Into Practice for Lean Change; Team Leadership Skills, Knowledge and Behaviours
  • Creativity
    • Enlightened thinking; Affinity Diagram; Inter-Relationship Diagram; Problem Definition Sheet; 5W 2H method
  • Relationship to Six Sigma and Quality Management
    • Process Thinking; Hoshin Kanri; DMAIC(T) Process-Based Improvement; Six Sigma; The Shewhart Approaches to Variation; The Six Sigma Toolkit; Six Sigma and Lean – Conflicts in the Methodologies; Quality Improvement Strategies; EFQM Excellence Model
  • Root Cause Analysis & Problem Solving
    • Principles & Strategy for Root Cause Analysis; Process Mapping & Contrasting Symptom Routes; Shanin’s Multi-Vari Charts; Isoplots; Accuracy & Precision; Tukey’s End Count Quick Test; Solution Analysis; Project Management

The Course Is Suitable for all organisational employees, but will particularly benefit individuals:

  • In organisations considering applying the Lean Enterprise approach and possible ISO 18404 organisational certification
  • Responsible for implementing Lean improvement in a project or more widely
  • Responsible to support/monitor the success of Lean improvement or business improvement projects of all types

Those who do not already have a basic understanding of Lean will benefit from attending our Introduction to Lean Training Course. This will teach delegates the key concepts of Lean, working as a foundation for further training courses. These one day intro courses are scheduled the preceding day and come with a £100 discount if booked together. Feel free to contact us and hear more about this deal.

By the end of this course, you will learn to:

  • Understand the Lean approach and toolkit
  • Plan, manage & undertake Lean improvement projects
  • Review or Supervise Others’ projects
  • Manage Lean deployment
  • Know how to monitor and champion Lean improvement projects
  • Meet the competency requirements for Lean Practitioner under ISO18404

Course Dates and Venues

Residential: £2080 + VAT
Non-Residential: £1495 + VAT
Residential: £1815 + VAT
Non-Residential: £1395 + VAT
Daventry, Northamptonshire
Hellidon Lakes Golf & Spa Hotel
Residential: £1755 + VAT
Non-Residential: £1395 + VAT
Greenwich, London
De Vere Devonport House
Residential: £2080 + VAT
Non-Residential: £1495 + VAT
Residential: £1815 + VAT
Non-Residential: £1395 + VAT