6 Sep, 2016 | Root Cause & Problem Solving

The ability to solve complex problems is crucial as companies face the pressure of shifting standards, changing regulations and technological advances.

This discussion paper explores the concerns being raised by industry leaders as to the lack of problem solving skills and the impact this can have on sustainable quality improvement, future growth and long-term profitability.

Problem solving discussion paper to downloadProblem Solving a Skills Gap

BywaterExcel offers core skills training courses to provide organisations with focused business improvement best practice techniques, including:

Provides an introduction to Root Cause Analysis and how supporting tools can be applied to complex problems to uncover causes and possible solutions

Explores RCA and 8D/G8D techniques to accelerate the process of continuous improvement and encourage problem solving teams to become more effective

Identify the reasons why things go wrong in the delivery and management of healthcare and apply tools and techniques to investigate and solve a variety of problems in the healthcare environment.

Root Cause Analysis training specifically for the service industry helping to improving customer service and enhancing service delivery.

Introduces FMEA methodology and how to apply it in order to reduce product liability risk by anticipating and preventing defects in design and manufacture

Introduces the framework of risk management and how it can be applied effectively to improve the identification of opportunities and threats within the organisation