Root Cause Analysis & 8D Problem Solving Training Course

This Root Cause Analysis training course for Product Design and Manufacturing organisations focuses on the 8D / Global 8D analytical approach to enable problem solving teams to become more effective, accelerating the process of continuous improvement. The course will provide delegates with a structured approach to solving complex problems, that will guide your problem solving teams as they gather evidence, analyse ‘root causes’ and evaluate process improvements.

Developing capable processes that consistently meet your customer’s requirements only becomes possible if you learn from your experience when things ‘go wrong’, finding and controlling the root causes of process variation and failure.

In the extended supply chain, the 8D/G8D Process enables information to flow between customer and their suppliers as they search for process excellence and improved product quality. Effective problem solving and root cause analysis are therefore core skills, required to maintain customer confidence and build strong supply chain partnerships.

During this 8D problem solving training, delegates will be able to apply the 8D/G8D techniques to address problems considered during the course concerning:

  • Product failures, warranty claims and field service reports
  • Process failures and poor product quality
  • Poor process flow and productivity
  • Overview of the 8D / Global 8D Process
  • Using 8D Problem Solving to improve Supply Chain Relationships
  • Problem Solving Teams
  • Systems and Processes
    • Process Models
    • Process Controls and Failures
    • Process Measurement
  • Investigating Problems
    • Tools and Techniques
  • Using Statistics in Problem Solving
    • Understanding ‘Common Causes’ and ‘Special Causes’
    • Improving Process Control
  • Making Improvements
    • Minimising the risk of change
  • Maintaining Process Capability
    • Monitoring Performance
    • Maintaining Process Control
    • Prevention
  • Managers responsible for process and quality improvements
  • Quality Managers, Internal and External Auditors
  • Line managers and supervisors
  • Problem solving team members and leaders
  • Product designers
  • Industrial and production engineers
On completion of this Root Cause Analysis and 8D problem solving training course for Product Design and Manufacturing organisations, delegates will be able to:

  • Participate in effective problem solving teams
  • Use the 8D/G8D Process and supporting tools and techniques to investigates the root causes of product and process failure
  • Propose and evaluate solutions to prevent problems recurring
  • Communicate their findings and recommendations to customers and suppliers in the extended supply chain
  • Engage senior management in improving the system to remove the causes of failure – and preventing uncontrolled changes in the product or process design

Course Delivery

This course is available on an In-house Training basis. For a free quotation please contact us or call the Training Team on 0333 123 9001.