Root Cause Analysis training specifically for the Service Industry can help build and develop creative thinking within problem solving teams, a key skill when it comes to improving customer service and enhancing service delivery.

Root Cause Analysis will enable you to identify the reasons why things go wrong in the delivery of a service – allowing you to identify, control and prevent the causes of chronic and recurring problems. Taking a systems based approach will improve the quality of customer service, while also improving staff morale as they become engaged in problem solving and process improvement.

Using a variety of quality and service improvement tools, delegates will be able to investigate root causes and suggest potential solutions to address problems considered during the course concerning:

  • Poor customer satisfaction
  • Poor ‘process flow’ – that delays service delivery
  • Problems in the administrative systems and supply chain that underpin the efficient delivery of service

  • Problem Solving Teams
    • Who should investigate?
  • Systems and Processes
    • Process Models
    • Process Controls and Failures
    • Process Measurement
  • Investigating Problems
    • Tools and Techniques
  • Using Statistics in Problem Solving
    • Understanding ‘Common Causes’ and ‘Special Causes’
    • Improving Process Control
  • Incidents and Accident Investigation
    • Gathering the evidence
    • Finding the cause(s)
    • Preventing recurrence
  • Making Improvements
    • Minimising the risk of change
    • Monitoring Performance

  • Managers and continuous improvement professionals responsible for improving service delivery or investigating customer complaints
  • Managers and those responsible for improving management systems, processes and procedures
  • Quality Managers, Internal and External Auditors
  • Problem solving team members and leaders

On completion of this Root Cause Analysis training course for service providers, delegates will be able to:

  • Lead or participate in effective problem solving teams
  • Use appropriate tools and techniques to identify and document the root causes of incidents and recurring problems in their organisation
  • Propose and evaluate solutions to prevent problems recurring and improve customer satisfaction
  • Communicate their findings and recommendations to their colleagues, senior management and customers
  • Engage senior management in improving the system to remove the ‘common causes’ – and controlling random management initiatives that may destabilise processes that are currently ‘under control’

The Root Cause Analysis Training for Service Providers can occur at your premises, a venue of your choice or online. The course includes interactive workshops and modules covering topics such as ‘Quality Management Principles’ and ‘Finding The Causes’ and ‘Risk Identification’ to encourage your team to discuss how they will successfully identify, document and solve problems within your organisation.

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