ISO 18404:2015 – Quantitative Methods in Process Improvement, defines the competencies required for key personnel and their organisations in relation to Lean & Six Sigma Implementation, including roles for Six Sigma Green Belts, Six Sigma Black Belts and Lean Practitioners.

ISO 18404:2015 certification is available to:

  • Individuals wishing to demonstrate that they meet the competence requirements to undertake Six Sigma and Lean improvement projects
  • Organisations that have implemented the management system elements of ISO 18404:2015

The standard focuses on competencies (i.e. skills and abilities) rather than simply defining specific educational levels. Individuals are required to demonstrate the right level of skills and experience, as well as training, to fulfil their role when seeking certification.

ISO 18404 Certification for Individuals

Certification is available through the Royal Statistical Society (RSS), either at approved ‘assessment centres’ or through the organisation the individual works at (Six Sigma Green Belts and Lean Practitioners only) if the organisation itself is certified to ISO 18404:2015 and it has personnel competent to make those assessments.

ISO 18404 Certification for Organisations

ISO 18404 certification for businesses is available from accredited certification bodies meeting the requirements of ISO 17021-1 – Requirements for bodies providing audit and certification of management systems.

ISO 18404 Certification Process

1. Training

Development of the skills and competencies set out in ISO 18404 is best achieved through Lean & Six Sigma training based on this international standard.  ISO 18404 itself was developed because some training providers were self-certifying individuals and their own courses, with no internationally recognised standard or consistent approach.

2. Project Work

Skills and competence are developed through application, and by completing Lean and Six Sigma improvement projects where individuals are able to put into practice what they have been taught.

3. Individual Assessment

Assessment is carried out by the RSS by attending an approved Assessment Centre.  Our RSS 18404 Green Belt Development Programme and RSS 18404 Black Belt Development Programme are specifically designed for delegates seeking to apply for certification under the RSS 18404 Sector Scheme. The courses include a day preparing delegates for the assessment and one to one coaching with a Master Black Belt. If an organisation is certified to ISO 18404, then they can certify their own Six Sigma Green Belts & Lean Practitioners under ISO 18404, subject to having capable personnel available to make those assessments.  Submission of a portfolio of evidence of practice is required.

4. Certification

The RSS certify an individual’s competence against ISO 18404 and upon certification the individual is eligible to join the RSS register. 

Organisations can also become certified against ISO 18404 through RSS 18404. Upon certification they are then able to demonstrate to their customers that they have the right processes, competent personnel and management system in place in order to reduced waste and defects and to increase value to their customers. Gaining RSS 18404 certification can increase customer confidence and enhance brand reputation. 

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