This comprehensive Royal Statistical Society (RSS) 13 day certified ISO 18404 Six Sigma Black Belt Development Programme is designed for delegates seeking to gain experience of the practical application of Six Sigma Black Belt competencies and become a certified Black Belt against ISO 18404 under the RSS 18404 Sector Scheme.

The first week of this course incorporates our Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training course, teaching delegates the knowledge and skills to identify and quantify opportunities for improvement, identify stakeholder interests, reduce variation within processes and evaluate risks associated with Green Belt projects. The second week focuses on Black Belt competencies, providing delegates with the ability to lead improvement projects, facilitate Green Belt projects using the DMAIC methodology,  participate in ‘gate’ reviews and analyse big data sets.

Days 11 and 12 focus on the practical application of Lean Six Sigma Black Belt competencies. Depending on expertise, delegates will focus on a transactional or manufacturing case study to understand the practical application of LSS Black Belt competencies.

The final day of the course prepares delegates for Black Belt certification with the Royal Statistical Society under the RSS 18404 Sector Scheme which provides certification against ISO 18404, the international standard for Lean and Six Sigma. The Sector Scheme allows individuals to demonstrate that they have attained the Six Sigma Black Belt skills and competencies as outlined in ISO 18404. Upon achieving RSS 18404 certification delegates will be eligible to join the RSS register which is used by organisations to identify certified Lean and Six Sigma professionals. Delegates will also receive 2 hours of one-to-one coaching with a Master Black Belt.

Please note this course includes advanced mathematical and statistical elements. Delegates require a laptop with Excel, or similar, for the duration of the course. Those seeking to apply to the RSS may find it beneficial to purchase a copy of ISO 18404 prior to the course.

  • Role and Competency Requirements for Green Belts and Black Belts
  • DMAIC(T) Project Management
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Lean Principles
  • Leading Change, Sustainment & Customer Focus
  • Statistics, Data & Problem Solving
  • Train, Coach and Mentor Green Belts
  • Benchmarking
  • Advanced Lean
  • Six Sigma Approaches and Tools
  • Analysing Big Data Sets
  • Practical Application of Six Sigma Black Belt Competencies
    • Defining the Project
    • Justifying Business Process Improvement
    • Identifying Benefits and Project Risks
    • Identifying Process Issues and Root Causes
    • Identifying and Proving Solutions
    • Documenting and Presenting Projects and Solutions
    • Training Others to Perform at the Same Level
  • Preparation for Black Belt Certification with the RSS
    • Review of ISO 18404 Competency Requirements
    • Building Your Portfolio of Competencies
    • Progress Review
    • RSS Mock Assessment Centre

This RSS ISO 18404 Six Sigma Black Belt Development Programme is recommended for delegates who wish to become a certified Six Sigma Black Belt against ISO 18404 through the RSS 18404 Sector Scheme. The course is also suitable for delegates who wish to gain an advanced understanding of Six Sigma and acquire practical experience of applying ideas learnt. The course is recommended for those who are responsible for:

  • justifying business process improvement
  • identifying benefits and project risks
  • identifying process issues and root cases and proving solutions
  • training others to perform at a Green Belt or Black Belt level
  • leading improvement projects
  • analysing big data sets to identify opportunities for improvement

The course incorporates our Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training course meaning no prior knowledge is required.  If you have previously completed our Six Sigma Green Belt training course or similar please contact our team in relation to booking the final 8 days of this course.

On successful completion of the course delegates will be able to:

  • understand the RSS 18404 Sector Scheme certification process
  • define a project, justify business process improvement and identify benefits and project risks
  • prepare a Project Charter for a Six Sigma Black Belt Process Improvement Project
  • identify process issues and root causes
  • apply appropriate Six Sigma tools and statistical techniques
  • lead improvement projects and facilitate Green Belt projects using the DMAIC methodology
  • participate in all ‘gate’ reviews directly through prepared presentations of the work accomplished to date

When provided on a dedicated basis, the course can be tailored towards the organisation’s requirements including bespoke case studies and workshops to allow delegates to practice ideas in the context of their organisation. Dedicated training can take place at your premises or within our Virtual Classroom on your preferred date.

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