Six Sigma is a set of techniques and statistical analysis tools used to improve processes by reducing the likelihood of defects and variation. It was first developed at Motorola and grew to prominence after GE successfully adopted the techniques in the late 1980s.  Now Six Sigma is widely used by organisations across all industries, including manufacturers, service providers and financial organisations.

This comprehensive Royal Statistical Society (RSS) certified eight-day ISO 18404 Six Sigma Green Belt Development Programme provides delegates with an understanding of Lean Six Sigma and provides practical experience of applying Lean Six Sigma at Green Belt level.  The course is especially beneficial for delegates wishing to become certified against ISO 18404, the international standard for lean and six sigma, under the RSS 18404 Sector Scheme. 

The 8-day course incorporates our 5 day Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training course which covers key topics such as the organisational benefits of Lean Six Sigma, DMAICT methodology, stakeholder management, Lean Principles, risk management and practical problem-solving. Through a central case study, days 6 and 7 provides delegates with practical experience of applying the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt competencies, including justifying business process improvement, identifying root causes and presenting projects. The final day of the course prepares delegates for Green Belt certification against ISO 18404 through the RSS 18404 Sector Scheme. This programme also includes one-to-one coaching with a Master Black Belt to support delegates with their personal RSS application.

RSS Six Sigma certification provides assurance that delegates who have successfully completed this course and have secured a strong understanding, and practical experience, of all 23 Six Sigma Green Belt competencies, as defined in ISO 18404. In addition, Six Sigma certification provides confidence that delegates have acquired the skills required to utilise lean and six sigma tools to improve processes and achieve results. Delegates who achieve RSS 18404 certification will be eligible to join the RSS register which is used by organisations to identify certified Lean and Six Sigma professionals.

This course incorporates mathematical and statistical elements. Delegates are required to use Excel, or similar, during the course within the exercises. Delegates seeking to apply to the RSS may find it beneficial to purchase a copy of ISO 18404 prior to the course.

  • ISO 18404:2015 Overview and Certification Requirements
  • Lean, Six Sigma & Lean Six Sigma Roles
  • Process Thinking & the LSS Toolkit
  • DMAIC(T) Project Management
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Lean Principles
  • Change Management
  • Risk Management
  • Sustainability & Control
  • Statistics, Data & Problem Solving
    • Data Acquisition for Analysis
    • Statistical Concepts (Sampling, Frequency Distributions, Hypothesis Testing)
    • Practical Problem Solving (Root Cause Analysis & Localisation)
  • Six Sigma Tools
    • Regression & Correlation
    • Designed Experiments
    • Analysis of Variance
    • Statistical Process Control (SPC)
  • Statistical Software Use
  • Practical Application of Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Competencies
    • Defining the Project
    • Justifying Business Process Improvement
    • Identifying Benefits & Project Risks
    • Identifying Process Issues & Root Causes
    • Identifying & Proving Solutions
    • Documenting and Presenting Projects
  • Preparing for Green Belt Certification through the RSS 18404 Sector Scheme
    • Review of ISO 18404 Competency Requirements
    • Building Your Portfolio of Competencies
    • Progress Review
    • Mock Assessment Centre

The course is suitable for all organisational employees, the course incorporates our certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training course meaning no prior knowledge is required. The course will particularly benefit individuals:

  • undertaking improvement activities as part of their role
  • responsible for implementing improvements in a project or more widely
  • delegates wishing to gain practical experience applying Lean Six Sigma Green Belt competencies
  • seeking to apply for RSS 18404 certification at Green Belt level
  • those within organisations who have achieved, or are seeking to achieve RSS 18404 certification

If you have previously completed our Six Sigma Green Belt training course please contact our Training Team to attend the final 3 days of the course.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • define a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt project, identifying the benefits and project risks
  • apply root cause analysis techniques to identify factors for process improvements
  • implement solutions and verify benefits delivered
  • work effectively with others to achieve objectives
  • identify and understand your own strengths and plan for self-development
  • plan, manage and contribute to Six Sigma improvement projects
  • train others to perform at the same level

Successful attendance on this course will contribute towards an individual becoming certified under Sector Scheme RSS 18404. Once you have achieved RSS 18404 certification you will be eligible to join the RSS Professional Register.

The RSS ISO 18404 Six Sigma Green Belt Development Programme can be provided on a dedicated basis at your offices, a venue of your choice or online on your chosen date. The course can be tailored to your requirements, for example, the central case study can be tailored towards your organisation with applicable examples and materials based on your requirements. Dedicated training is often more convenient and cost-effective for those wishing to train a number of employees.

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