This 1-day Introduction to TL 9000 workshop is designed to provide delegates with a basic knowledge of the TL 9000 additional requirements and measurements. It introduces the concept of a Quality Management System based on TL 9000 and is appropriate for those who will be involved in the implementation or running of TL 9000 within their organisation but does not wish to become qualified as an auditor.

  • Introduction to the QuEST Forum and its purpose.
  • Overview of TL 9000 and the relevance of it to a business management system.
  • Its relationship to ISO 9001 and the additional requirements of TL 9000
  • TL 9000 Measurements
  • The certification process for TL 9000
  • Sources of information and further development

A prior knowledge of ISO 9001 is strongly recommended.

  • Those who will be directly or indirectly involved in the implementation of TL 9000
  • Suppliers who may be required by their customer to have, or be working towards, TL 9000 registration
  • Consultants who require a detailed overview of TL 9000
  • Personnel who may be audited by internal or external auditors

By the end of this Introduction to TL 9000 workshop, delegates will be able to:

  • Interpret the basic requirements of TL 9000 and how to apply the measurement processes.
  • Appreciate the value of TL 9000 to customers and suppliers