All questions answered

6th Jul, 2020 | IOSH Approved Introduction to ISO 45001 Training Course

The tutor was very helpful and stayed online after the course finished to discuss questions with individuals

Collaborative Environmental Advisers (CEA) Ltd

Transferable into practise

5th Jul, 2020 | ISO 45001 Implementation Training Course

The examples provided in the course were transferable into practise

Micro Focus UK Ltd

Vast Knowledge

3rd Jul, 2020 | ISO 45001 Internal Auditor Training Course

The tutor had vast knowledge of the standard (and other standards) and a wide range of industries. He was more than capable of delivering it remotely which he did very well.

TATA Steel

Fantastic training!

19th Jun, 2020 | ISO 45001 Auditor Migration Training Course

Amazing theoretical knowledge and practical experiences coupled with a great delivery style were pivotal in the delivery of this fantastic training.

Stesec Limited

An engaging virtual course

9th Jun, 2020 | IOSH Approved Introduction to ISO 45001 Training Course

We had the opportunity to actively engage in the course even that it was a virtual session. The instructor has a good knowledge of the ISO 45001 standard.

Halliburton Project Management

The tutor's knowledge and professionalism

5th Jun, 2020 | ISO 45001 Lead Auditor Training Course

The tutor’s knowledge and professionalism were evident throughout the course

Hemsley Fraser Group