The Covid-19 Pandemic has placed renewed emphasis on the need to make our workplaces and the premises visited by our customers safe. Government guidance is available to support this and organisations have had a variety of responses including use of self-certification schemes, such as “We’re Good To Go” from Visit UK, or third party audited certification, such as the new ‘Hygienic Premises’ or ‘Workplace Hygiene’ Kitemark certifications from BSI.

To be sure of keeping your employees and customers safe, it is important to review and maintain a rigorous safety management system. To this end, Bywater is offering a suite of one-day courses available on a dedicated basis, with customised options if required, to support organisations that care about, and want to show that they act responsibly in relation to, the well being of their employees and customers. These courses are designed to raise awareness, explain the requirements for keeping premises safe and, if appropriate, to form the basis for going forward for organisational certification.

The three dedicated courses deal with respectively:

  • Workplace Hygiene; Keeping Your Employees Safe
  • Hygienic Premises; Reassuring Your Customers and Keeping Them Safe
  • The Hygienic Organisation; Keeping Customers and Employees Safe

These courses are suitable for organisations within all sectors including manufacturing, services and the public sector.

Each one-day training course discusses the current context of the organisation and current practices and controls, before taking a risk-based approach to identifying requirements for safeguarding staff and/or customers. Key Topics are broadly the same for each course, but the emphasis in delivery will reflect which of the three courses is being presented.

The courses will refer to specific requirements from a number of sources, including:

  • UK Government guidance on working safely during COVID-19
  • Some basic concepts from ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health & Safety
  • BSI Safe Working During the COVID-19 Pandemic- general guidelines for organisations (version 2; version 3 when issued shortly)
  • Relevant sections on planning, application, measurement and review of cleanliness from PAS5748:2014.

Delegates will work in teams to identify and evaluate the applicability of requirements in their organisational context, discuss responsibilities and methods of application, develop structures to support successful deployment and ongoing maintenance, and identify key issues that need to be addressed.

  • The meanings of, and need for, Workplace Hygiene and/or Hygienic Premises
  • The implications of coronavirus (Covid-19) and government guidance
  • Current organisational practice – strengths and shortfalls
  • Developing and maintaining a management system
  • Some key requirements from ISO 45001 & the BSI Safe working during the COVID-19 pandemic – general guidelines for organisations document
  • Basic hygiene activities from PAS 5748
  • Developing & maintaining a risk register
  • Prioritising action on a risk-based approach
  • Planning implementation
  • Identifying and defining requirements for staff training, cleaning regimes and information for customers
  • Customer management
  • Checks and audits
  • Responsibilities
  • What extra activities they will need to introduced

  • Internal teams
  • Owners, managers, supervisors, team leaders and staff
  • Representatives of key suppliers
  • Staff or Union representatives
  • Quality Managers, Risk Managers, Internal and External Auditors
  • HR and Training personnel

On completion of the particular Workplace Hygiene and Hygienic Premises training course, delegates will be able to:

  • Appreciate the requirements for hygienically safe workplaces and/or premises.
  • Identify appropriate changes needed to current arrangements
  • Propose and evaluate solutions to current shortfalls
  • Help define a management system to control Workplace Hygiene and/or Hygienic Premises
  • Communicate their findings and recommendations to their colleagues and senior management
  • Engage with colleagues and senior management in implementing and improving the system.

In recognition of their new knowledge and skills, delegates who attend the course in full will receive a certificate of completion.

Workplace Hygiene and Hygienic Premises Training Course Certificate

Our Workplace Hygiene and Hygiene Premises Training Courses are available on a dedicated basis at your premises or online via Virtual Classroom training.  Please contact our team to discuss your requirements to allow us to assist in identifying the right course for you based on your work environment.

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