TL 9000 Requirements R6.2 Presented Pre-Requisite Training

Part of a 5-day QuEST sanctioned training course, this 1-day interactive and practical foundation course can be taken as an independent session as well as being a pre-requisite to the 3-day TL 9000 Auditing or Implementation course.

The programme is designed to provide delegates with a basic knowledge of how TL 9000 relates to their existing Management System, in order to:

  • Understand where the requirements fit into the business process life cycle
  • Consider how TL 9000 can be integrated into existing management systems

  • Introduction to the QuEST Forum and its purpose.
  • Overview of TL 9000 and the relevance of it to a business management system.
  • TL 9000 links to the Business Management Process and where the additional requirements fit into this.
  • Customer-Supplier relationship.
  • Sources of information and further development

There is an optional exam (except for third party auditors) to demonstrate knowledge and comprehension of the TL 9000 requirements for which an additional QuEST fee is charged

  • Those who will be involved in the implementation of TL 9000.
  • Internal auditors and ISO 9001 trained auditors wishing to expand their knowledge.
  • Third party auditors needing a full knowledge of TL 9000 requirements. (This is part of the body of knowledge required to be qualified as a TL 9000 third party auditor).

By the end of this Introduction course, delegates will be able to:

  • Interpret the basic requirements of TL 9000 and how they apply to industry processes.
  • Assess the business with an awareness of how TL 9000 links to the business management process.