TL 9000 Quality System Implementation R6.2/5.7 (QuEST Sanctioned)

This 3-day in-house QuEST sanctioned TL 9000 Quality System Implementation course is structured to provide organisations with a road map for successful TL 9000 implementation and compliance.

This interactive and practical course is essential for anyone who is a telecommunications industry supplier, or is planning to become one. All attendees must have completed the TL 9000 R5.5 Requirements course and the TL 9000 R5.0 Measurements overview (and Registrar auditors must also complete the associated examinations for each).

Upon completion of the course, delegates will be able to follow the steps necessary for successful implementation of TL 9000 quality system requirements and measurements.

  • Introduction to the QuEST Forum and its purpose.
  • Overview and benefits of TL 9000 and its relationship to ISO 9001
  • Analysis of TL 9000 requirements and measurements
  • Implementation strategy and project management including:
    • Determining scope
    • Registrar selection
    • Deciding applicable measures
    • Gap analysis
    • Phased approach for successful implementation
    • Impact on procedures, plans and records
  • The effective use of TL 9000 measurements
  • Implementation obstacles, challenges and drivers
  • Registration process and options
  • Sources of information and further development

A prior knowledge of ISO 9001 is strongly recommended.

    • Those who will be involved in the implementation of TL 9000 e.g. Quality Managers, consultants, implementation and management team members, process owners.
    • Internal auditors and ISO 9001 trained auditors wishing to expand their knowledge.

Click here to learn more about prior knowledge requirements.


By the end of this TL 9000 Quality System Implementation course, delegates will be able to:

  • Interpret the requirements and measurements of TL 9000 and how they apply to industry processes.
  • Develop an implementation strategy for TL 9000
  • Apply the handbooks for requirements and measurements effectively