Learn how to use process mapping to improve efficiency in your business processes and help to deliver continuous improvement on this Process Mapping training course.

Understanding how workflows and processes work within an organisation is key to identifying issues and taking corrective action in the drive for continual improvement.

Process mapping provides a visual illustration of how workflows and processes work. As organisations move away from wordy documents, the technique is becoming increasingly helpful in making decisions about what we are doing that is right and effective, or whether there is room for improvement. Visual representations have the added bonus of making it easier for everyone involved in the processes to participate in the discussion, even if they are new to their role or not involved in processes on a day-to-day basis.

This interactive 1-day training course, led by an expert tutor, is designed to help delegates understand how process mapping can be applied within their own organisations to identify areas that need addressing, not just as single events but for continual improvement.

This training course is suitable for anyone who would like to understand the benefits of process maps and the practical techniques for their development.  Some roles that may particularly benefit are:

  • quality practitioners
  • process improvement managers and improvement teams
  • process owners
  • project development teams and leaders
  • business continuity managers

Topics covered on this course include:

  • what is a process?
  • what is process mapping?
  • purpose of process mapping
  • identifying processes
  • types of process map
  • value stream mapping
  • benefits of process mapping
  • team selection and roles
  • waste identification in processes
  • identifying continual improvement opportunities

During this 1-day training course delegates will interact with an expert tutor and work together in live workshops to practise the knowledge they are acquiring. This includes:

  • purpose of process mapping
  • how to create a simple process map
    • group workshop: process map for a simple task
  • types of process map
    • workshop: process map creation
    • workshop: process map for your own organisation
  • benefits of process maps
  • process map development
    • workshop: expand your organisational process map
  • process map improvement
    • workshop: review and improve your process map

By the end of this process mapping training course delegates will be able to:

  • explain the benefit of process maps to stakeholders
  • immediately apply process mapping tools and techniques in their workplace
  • create a process map and undertake the transition to a process approach
  • analyse findings from process maps including identifying issues

A certificate of completion will be received by delegates who attend and fully participate in the course, to signify their new knowledge and understanding of process mapping.

Introduction to Process Mapping Course Certificate