Process mapping is a technique used to create visual diagrams of business and workflow processes and can include people and resources involved. The core aims of process mapping is to identify waste, streamline processes and to develop a greater understanding of workflows.

Process maps can be built quickly depending on complexity and can help with:

  • assessing areas of improvement
  • easily demonstrating processes to others
  • for developing process documentation
  • fulfilling process-based requirements such as those of ISO 9001
  • project planning

This one-day Process Mapping Training Course will equip delegates with the necessary skills required to map out processes, allowing them to identify problems and create more streamlined processes. The course is highly suitable for process improvement managers and improvement teams in addition to quality practitioners as it can help them to fulfil ISO 9001 process mapping requirements.

  • What is a process
  • How to identify processes
  • The concept of core and support processes
  • Collecting data for a process map
  • Process mapping techniques
  • Identifying problems including bottlenecks
  • Recognising when change is required
  • Factors to consider in the selection of process mapping software
  • Identifying continual improvement opportunities

This training course is highly suitable for people trying to create visual diagrams for business processes. The course will develop tools and techniques that can be used for gaining a greater understanding of current workflows and developing more efficient processes with future state maps. Some roles that may particularly benefit are:

  • Quality practitioners
  • Process improvement managers and improvement teams
  • Process owners

By the end of this process mapping training course delegates will be able to:

  • Immediately apply process mapping tools and techniques in their workplace
  • Create a process map and undertake the transition to a process approach
  • Analyse finding from process maps including identifying issues
  • Address the ISO 9001 requirements for developing a process approach

The Process Mapping training course can be held at your premises, a venue of your choice or online on your preferred date. The course includes group discussions and workshops covering topics such as ‘Mapping the Core Process’, ‘Detail Process Mapping’ and ‘Identifying Value’.

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