Learn how to conduct internal audits of food safety management systems based on ISO 22000:2018 on this ISO 22000 Internal Auditor training course.

This 2-day course is key to ISO 22000 compliance for food safety management systems.

The aim of the course is to provide delegates with the knowledge and skills to perform an internal audit, report on the conformity and effective implementation of processes, and contribute to the continual improvement of the management system.

Through interactive teaching, group discussions, exercises and workshops, delegates will learn the practical aspects of undertaking an internal audit of an FSMS, from preparation to corrective actions and beyond.

  • those who need to perform or are involved with internal audits in line with ISO 22000:2018
  • those responsible for implementing and maintaining an ISO 22000 based management system
  • those wishing to gain awareness of the audit process
  • those wishing to learn how to identify hazards, reduce risks and implement control measures within the food sector

For those who would benefit from a grounding in the benefits and requirements of ISO 22000, our Understanding ISO 22000 training course provides interactive, practical training led by an expert instructor.

If you are unsure whether you have sufficient ISO 22000 knowledge to get maximum benefit from this course, you can test your understanding with our ISO 22000 Quiz.

We offer a discount of £100 if booking the Understanding course alongside the Internal Auditor courses. Please contact us for more information.

Key topics include:

  • the importance of an effective food safety management system (FSMS)
  • the role of a FSMS internal auditor
  • how to undertake an internal audit including audit planning, audit preparation, checklists, audit techniques, audit interviewing, non-conformance, reporting, corrective actions and closing meetings
  • identifying hazards and risks within a FSMS
  • Operational Prerequisite Program (oPRP), CCP (Critical Control Point) and PRP (prerequisite programme)
  • ISO 19011:2018 Guidelines of auditing management
  • the relationship between ISO 22000 and other ISO standards including ISO 9001
  • Annex SL – overview and implications
  • HLS: The same core elements
  • ISO 22000:2018 approach and the PDCA model
  • continuous improvement of the FSMS
  • ISO 22000 certification process

Courses are taught by subject matter experts who are practised in course creation and delivery. Agendas will vary according to suit the method of delivery – face-to-face or live in our Virtual Classroom, but will typically cover the following structure.

  • Day 1
    • Section 1 Introduction to QMS auditing
    • Exercise What is an audit?
    • Section 2 Quality management systems
    • Section 3 Managing an internal audit programme
    • Exercise Purpose of an FSMS and business benefits
    • Section 4 The internal audit process – phase 2: preparation
    • Exercise Assessing risks specific to the audit
    • LUNCH
    • Workshop Case study documentation review
    • Workshop Analysing a process
    • Workshop Audit planning
    • Workshop Audit checklist
    • Section 4 continued
    • Day 1 review
    • CLOSE
  • Day 2
    • Review and briefing
    • Section 4 continued The internal audit process – Phase 2: audit performance
    • Workshop Open meeting
    • Workshop Audit performance
    • LUNCH
    • Section 4 continued
    • Workshop Auditor review
    • Workshop Report writing and the closing meeting
    • Workshop Reviewing effectiveness of corrective action
    • Section 5 The auditor
    • Review and course evaluation
    • CLOSE

By the end of this ISO 22000 Internal Auditor training course, delegates will understand the principles of internal FSMS auditing and be able to:

  • plan, conduct, report and follow up an internal audit as part of a food safety management system based on ISO 22000
  • identify hazards and recommend control measures
  • suggest corrective actions and provide recommendations for continual improvement of the FSMS

Delegates who attend and complete all elements of the course will receive a certificate in recognition of their new knowledge and skills in internal FSMS auditing.

ISO 22000 Internal Auditor Certificate