Change is commonplace, expected, and necessary for the progression of a business. However, change is often avoided due to fear of failure, resistance, and a lack of the required skills and knowledge for execution. This two day change management training course is designed to ease change implementation and reduce the associated risks. This is done by equipping delegates with the required skills needed to successfully understand why change is needed, how to implement change, and how to overcome resistance to change.

This change management training course will allow delegates to understand:

  • What change means to people at both the individual and the organisational level
  • How to identify the stakeholders likely to be affected, their wants, interests and ability to affect the outcomes
  • The correct method to plan, develop strategy and deploy change

This training course deals with both the big picture and the microcosm of change, enabling individuals to understand the context, intent, mechanism, success factors for, and barriers to change.

  • Why Change
  • Resistance to Change; Causes and Effects
  • Layers of Resistance
  • Managing Resistance to Change
  • Force-Field Analysis
  • The Kubler-Ross Change Curve
  • Incremental, Developmental and Transformational Change.
  • Kotter’s Model for Successful Change
  • Leadership and Change
  • How Leaders and Managers Differ on Change
  • Being a Victim of Change or an Agent of Change
  • Planning and Delivering on Change

This training course is suitable to a wide range of professionals but will particularly benefit:

  • Change, Quality and IMS Managers
  • Key personnel with major change project responsibilities
  • Line & Project Managers need to ensure that they can effectively manage change
  • All those likely to be affected by organizational change

By the end of this course, you will learn to:

  • Understand the basics of the concepts, approaches, standards, methods and techniques for the effective management of Change.
  • Determine the best approach to Change Management for your organisation.
  • Develop the necessary management & leadership skills enabling you to communicate the need for, and plan for, Change to all levels
  • Lead and manage the deployment of Change.

Upon completion of the course, delegates will be awarded with a Certificate of Completion in recognition of their new knowledge and skills in Change Management.

Change Management Certificate