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We are pleased that delegates have pointed to a wealth of features of our training that they have found valuable, and are sometimes missing from other courses they have attended. These include:

  • Focus on live and interactive training to enable delegates to ask questions and join discussions and exercises
  • Checking the needs and skills of the class members at the beginning of each course and adapting the teaching accordingly
  • Styles of learning to be inclusive of all learners
  • High quality of tutors and their approach to teaching practical skills that go beyond passing exams

Delegates have told us:

  • ‘The course was a refreshing change from the usual courses aimed solely at the passing of an exam. Bywater will certainly be my first point of call for future training and I have already recommended the course to others.’
  • ‘I’ve never been on another regulatory or guidance training course with a tutor who was genuinely enthusiastic to teach.’
  • ‘One of the most enjoyable and educational courses I have been on.’
  • ‘I retained more info on ISO and auditing on this one day course than I did in the three days I spent doing other intro courses.’
  • ‘After having the privilege to attend this course, I was able to apply what I learnt to my current work with much more ease and understanding of what was expected of me. I have been on similar courses before and none went in as much depth as this one did.’

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