This 2 day Practical Negotiation Skills course is designed to enhance awareness of key concepts relating to negotiation and associated interpersonal skills, and provide a safe environment in which to experiment, practice and receive feedback using “real play” procurement and contract management scenarios (using video if preferred).

Achieving organisational objectives from the supply market requires a sound approach to procurement and effective use of influencing, persuasion and negotiation skills to change attitude, persuade others to our opinions and agree both commercial and operational outcomes. These skills are essential for agreeing contractual arrangements at the outset of a contract and then managing both commercial and operational issues during the implementation, management and review phases of the contract life-cycle.

For most of us these skills have been developed during our life experiences, to the point that they become intuitive. Whilst a really valuable starting point it is unlikely that these experiences have mirrored those required in procurement and contract management.

  • Review and understand the negotiation process and stages
  • Planning and preparing for negotiations
  • Cost and price management tools for negotiations
  • Setting relationship objectives
  • Understand effective behaviours in negotiation
  • Effective Influencing styles in procurement and contract management
  • Persuasion and power and their role in negotiation and supplier management

The course agenda is structured around a detailed procurement / contract management case study, providing delegates with practice in all stages of the negotiation process, culminating in a phased negotiation meeting process, with feedback and next phase planning between phases.

  • Procurement personnel involved in negotiating contracts with supply organisations
  • Contract Managers with responsibility for managing supplier contracts
  • Managers of procurement and contract management personnel
  • Supplier personnel responsible for negotiating and managing contracts with customers

On completion of this Practical Negotiation Skills course, delegates will be better able to:

  • Prepare for negotiations
  • Negotiate both commercially and operationally with suppliers and other contract stakeholders
  • Adopt new approaches to influencing and negotiating with suppliers, especially where predominant styles are not being effective
  • Understand the inter-personal dynamics involved in managing and motivating suppliers
  • Be confident in negotiating with supplier personnel
  • Optimise supply contract terms agreed and performance achieved
  • Establish and maintain sound business relationships with supplier personnel and organisations.

This course or the case study can be readily customised to enable client specific scenarios and challenges to be incorporated into course materials and delivery.

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