Gain an appreciation of how a quality management system (QMS) can benefit your organisation through more effective processes, lower costs and greater consistency of products and services on this informative ISO 9001 Executive Briefing.

Delegates will discover how the globally recognised ISO 9001 standard provides the framework for establishing a QMS, together with the requirements upon the organisation and the responsibilities of leaders and their teams.

This course is ideal for anyone who needs an executive-level understanding of the business benefits and requirements of implementing a QMS.

These include:

  • senior managers seeking an overview of a QMS within the context of their organisation
  • employees wishing to understand the effects of ISO 9001 on the day-to-day running of their department

For those who would like a more advanced knowledge around ISO 9001, we offer a full programme of ISO 9001 training courses, including a more in-depth overview of ISO 9001, as well as internal auditor, lead auditor and implementation training.

Key topics on this course include:

  • business benefits of implementing a quality management system
  • scope and purpose of the ISO 9001 standard for a QMS
  • structure of the framework for QMS
  • what ISO 9001 means for your organisation
  • addressing risks and opportunities through ‘risk-based thinking’
  • understanding the process-based approach for developing, implementing and improving the effectiveness of a QMS
  • required documentation, such as written records, policies and measurements
  • leadership roles and responsibilities

By the end of this course, attendees will have gained key knowledge to help them make decisions about implementing and managing a QMS, with the aim of improving processes, reducing costs, raising quality, and increasing customer satisfaction.