This one-day ISO 37001 Anti-Bribery Management training course provides delegates with an awareness of the importance of implementing an effective Anti-bribery Management System (ABMS) and an understanding of the key clauses and definitions outlined in ISO 37001.

Bribery can result in an extensive range of social, moral, economical and political issues. The Bribery Act 2010 was introduced to reduce bribery. As outlined in the act, it is the responsibility of the organisation to proactively identify whether their business is at risk of bribery and in turn recognise the extent of procedures required to prevent bribery from occurring. If bribery does occur, the company can be held liable for the offence.

ISO 37001:2016 Anti-bribery Management System has been designed to provide a framework for organisations seeking to establish and implement an ABMS. When implementing ISO 37001 the organisation will put measures in place designed to identify, prevent and mitigate the risk of bribery. The standard uses the Annex SL framework and can be used alone or as part of an integrated management system.

  • What is bribery?
  • UK Bribery Act 2010
  • Key clauses and definitions outlined in ISO 37001
  • Annex SL
  • Compliance and anti-bribery
  • Benefits of implementing an anti-bribery management system
  • Bribery risk assessment
  • Due diligence
  • Anti-bribery policy
  • Financial and non-financial controls
  • Implementing anti-bribery controls
  • Review of the anti-bribery compliance function

This ISO 37001 Anti-Bribery Management Systems training course is recommended for delegates from all sectors who wish to learn more about anti-bribery including:

  • those with a responsibility for implementing ISO 37001 within their organisation
  • those seeking to learn how to proactively combat bribery
  • managers responsible for ensuring the anti-bribery policy is understood throughout the organisation
  • those responsible for overseeing anti-bribery compliance within the organisation
  • those responsible for undertaking risk assessments and implementing anti-bribery controls

On completion of this ISO 37001 Anti-bribery training course delegates will understand:

  • the key requirements of ISO 37001:2016
  • the importance of implementing an effective anti-bribery management system within the organisations
  • how to undertake a bribery risk assessment
  • the controls which can be put in place to reduce the risk of bribery

A certificate of completion will be awarded to all delegates who fully attend the course.

ISO 37001 Anti-Bribery Management Systems Fundamentals Certificate