This one-day Introduction to ISO 45003 training course provides an overview of the standard, including key terminology, its purpose and benefits, and considerations for implementing ISO 45003 within an existing OH&SMS. Participants will learn how to identify psychosocial hazards that could have a negative impact on an employee’s mental health by considering aspects such as social factors, work organisation and environment, plus hazardous equipment and tasks. Delegates will also learn how to implement control measures to eliminate these hazards and therefore reduce the associated risks to their employees’ psychological wellbeing.

An environment that supports employees’ mental wellbeing may include providing job security, fair treatment, predictable working hours and opportunities for personal development. Offering such benefits not only supports the individual but also often benefits the organisation, for example through reducing employee turnover, improving productivity and increasing worker engagement.

ISO 45003:2021 is the international Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OH&SMS) standard designed to provide guidelines for managing psychosocial risks within the workplace, whether this is on-site at the company premises or remotely. The standard was written by the ISO/TC 283 committee who also wrote ISO 45001. ISO 45003 was written to be used in conjunction with ISO 45001, the standard which provides guidance on preventing work-related injury and ill-health within the workplace.

  • Key definitions and clauses within ISO 45003
  • Incorporating ISO 45003 within your OH&SMS
  • Benefits of ISO 45003
  • Identifying hazards and risks
  • External and internal issues
  • Identifying those exposed to risks
  • OH&S Policy
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Confidentiality
  • Risk control measures
  • Return-to-work programmes
  • Continual improvement

This Introduction to ISO 45001 training course is recommended for:

  • Those with a responsibility for managing and ensuring the mental wellbeing of staff including HR, line managers and workers with OH&S responsibilities
  • Those with a responsibility for implementing or managing the OH&SMS
  • Auditors due to audit an OH&SMS which incorporates ISO 45003
  • Stakeholders who wish to understand ISO 45003

Upon successful completion of this Introduction to ISO 45003 training course, delegates will:

  • understand the benefits of implementing ISO 45003 within the workplace
  • be able to confidently identify risks and hazards in the workplace which may negatively affect mental health
  • understand how ISO 45003 can be used alongside ISO 45001 to improve the OH&SMS

Delegates will also receive a certificate of completion, in recognition of their new knowledge of Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems.

Introduction to ISO 45003:2021 Certificate

This Introduction to ISO 45003 Training Course can be held at your offices, a venue of your choice or online on your chosen date. The one-day course can be tailored to your requirements and incorporate company documentation, for example, your OH&SMS documentation.

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