ISO 37002 is an international standard which provides the guidelines for establishing a Whistleblowing Management System (WMS). An effective WMS built should be built on trust and designed to encourage whistleblowers to report wrongdoing and feel confident that the reports will be dealt with properly and in a timely manner. In the long term, the management system should reduce the risks of wrongdoing within an organisation and encourage a culture of openness and transparency.

Day one of this Implementing ISO 37002:2021 training course provides delegates with an understanding of ISO 37002, including the key definitions and clauses outlined in the standard. On day two delegates will learn how to effectively implement ISO 37002 through a central case study, including undertaking a gap analysis, developing an implementation plan and addressing risks and opportunities.

This course incorporates our ISO 37002 Whistleblowing Management Systems Fundamentals training course meaning no prior knowledge is required.

  • Overview of the clauses, structure and key terminology used within ISO 37002
  • The benefits of implementing ISO 37002
  • Gap analysis
  • Identifying whistleblowing management system objectives and planning to achieve these
  • Creating a whistleblowing policy
  • Defining roles and responsibilities
  • Addressing risks and opportunities
  • Receiving, assessing, addressing and concluding whistleblowing cases
  • Reviewing the effectiveness of the management system
  • Nonconformities and corrective action

This Implementing ISO 37002:2021 training course is suitable for delegates from all sectors who wish to understand how to implement ISO 37002, including those:

  • responsible for implementing and maintaining ISO 37002 Whistleblowing Management System
  • considering implementing ISO 37002 within the organisation
  • responsible for dealing with whistleblowing cases
  • governing bodies with accountability for the organisation

On completion of this Implementing ISO 37002 training course delegates will understand:

  • the benefits of implementing ISO 37002 Whistleblowing management system
  • the key clauses and definitions outlined in ISO 37002
  • how to implement ISO 37002 effectively within an organisation
  • how to review and continually improve the management system
  • how to receive, assess, address and conclude whistleblowing cases