Implementing ISO 14001 Training Course

This two-day interactive and practical course has been designed to provide a client team with both an understanding of the standard’s requirements and to take them through a structured process to enable them to design and develop the implementation of an EMS for their organisation.

The course is also designed to be flexible in meeting the client’s starting point in respect of existing management systems through the use of a gap analysis tool throughout the course.

  • An overview of ISO14001:2015, its content & structure, the revision process & the High Level Structure of Annex SL
  • Sustainability, Sustainable Development & ISO 14001
  • The need for a Life Cycle Perspective within the EMS
  • Examination of core requirements of ISO14001 within a structured sequence
  • Identification of the potential implications for existing management systems and processes at a corporate level
  • Examination of the interconnections within the revised standard
  • Consideration of the Design of the EMS
  • Planning for transition and achieving compliance to the requirements
  • Executives needing to understand the corporate responsibilities required by the standard
  • Personnel responsible for the establishment of an EMS compliant with the standard’s requirements
  • Personnel responsible for Corporate Compliance
  • Organisational audit programme management and auditors
The client team will, through the structured programme and the series of tutorials and workshops addressing the standard’s requirements in relation to their organisational issues, develop the foundation of their EMS and an associated implementation plan.

Additionally, the course will enable the participants to gain understanding and knowledge to enable them to:-

  • Interpret how ISO 14001 aligns with, and is complementary to, other corporate risk processes within an integrated management system.
  • Understand and identify the potential organisational implications in transitioning to the new standard.
  • Appreciate how, through an EMS at a strategic level, the management of the increasing corporate responsibility for environmental sustainability issues and policy relates to ISO 14001.
  • Communicate internally & externally how an EMS can benefit an organisation’s environmental performance.

Course Delivery

This course is available on an In-house Training basis. For a free quotation please contact us or call the Training Team on 0333 123 9001.