There is an increasing focus for organisations to review, manage and reduce their carbon footprint and achieve ‘low carbon’ or ‘carbon net zero’ status, or become ‘carbon-neutral’ or ‘climate positive’. An increasing number of government incentives are being put in place to encourage organisations to reduce their environmental impact.

Bywater’s Environmental Consultants can help you to understand the carbon landscape and support you to develop an effective carbon management programme, allowing you to successfully manage, reduce and offset emissions and work towards achieving carbon neutrality.

Benefits of GHG & Carbon Reduction 

  • Reduced environmental impact and contribution to the fight against climate change 
  • Compliance with government requirements
  • Improved efficiency and reduced energy costs
  • Improved stakeholder buy-in and brand reputation by showcasing your commitment to a greener environment 
  • Mitigated risks, for instance switching to renewable energy providing energy security for the future 

How We Can Help

Carbon Management Strategy 

Our Low Carbon Consultants work with organisations to enhance their appreciation of the business benefits of carbon reduction and help them formulate an appropriate carbon management strategy.

Depending on the organisation’s objectives, this may focus on determining their carbon footprint and reporting on emissions to meet regulatory requirements or it could extend to an emissions reduction programme, offsetting and achiving cabron neutrality/net zero. 

GHG & Carbon Accounting and Reporting 

Many companies are required to report their energy use and greenhouse gas emissions as part of their annual Director’s Report to Companies House. 

Due to their knowledge of standards and protocols including ISO 14064, the GHG Protocol,  PAS 2050 and WRI/WBCSD Greenhouse Gas Protocol our consultants can assist with, or undertake GHG & Carbon Accounting and reporting on your behalf including gathering data and implementing a carbon accounting system.

Emission Reduction & Carbon Offsetting 

Commiting to reducing and offsetting emissions is key to reducing your carbon footprint and working towards achiving net zero. 

Our Carbon Consultants can review your current operations and provide  recommendations of where energy can be reduced or offset, such as transitioning to renewables, increasing energy efficiency in operations and reducing transport emissions. In additon, our consultants can advise on the technical and practical barriers to achiving net-zero and how to use management system standards, including ISO 14001 and ISO 50001, to drive reductions. 

Legilsation and Standards 

Our Carbon Consultants can provide expert guidance in relation to environmental and carbon reporting standards including GRI, GHG Protocol, CDP and stock exchange rules and advise how these are applicable to your organsiation. In addition, they can provide guidance on claims of carbon neutrality/net zero in line with PAS 2060 and Competition and Markets Authority guidance.

Additional Support 

In addition to providing environmental and carbon consultancy, we are an IEMA approved training provider offering environmental training courses including our Carbon Management training course, IEMA Foundation Certificate in Environmental Management and ISO 14001 Lead Auditor training course.


    What next?

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