Andrea attended the ISO 14001 Implementation training course in-house in October and has learnt the necessary changes required for their current EMS system.

What were your training objectives?

To learn and understand more about how to implement the standard and our requirements and to be ready for our new accreditation ISO 14001.

What learning did you take from the course?

I learnt how to implement the standard better and have been able to explain to management what new content is needed.

I feel I’ve learnt a lot more about the standards because my training has been very limited and a lot has been self taught but now have more confidence to make a lot more changes where necessary and feel I can present these to management a lot more.

Have you been able to apply anything since the course?

Yes , we have been able to make a lot of changes and remove old information that is now irrelevant.

Will also be making many amendments to our EMS system in the new year and we feel we are now able to actually reduce the information ours contains as we feel there is too much info that is repeated.

What have been the benefits for you and the business?

We are currently in the process of making changes ready for our next audit in December.

How was the tutor?

The tutor was very welcoming and I didn’t feel under pressure to make additional comments during the training. Very nice man and it was a pleasure to take part. Both days were very enjoyable.

Any advice to delegates?

Any thoughts or ideas are worth mentioning because the tutor’s advice is really informative.

Would you recommend Bywater?

Yes, I would also be happy to do another course with Bywater.

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